How to remove or clean my Mac virus for free – Quick and easy

If for a period of time your Apple computer has started to interact strangely while you are using it, you may have to consider removing or cleaning your Mac computer from viruses so that everything returns to normal.

One of the reasons why many people tend to prefer this style of computers is because of its popularity and its low tendency to infections. So if, if necessary, it is not a virus that is affecting your computer, you should probably debug or clean your hard drive .

However, this does not mean that it is an operating system that is protected against any threat. That is why you should consider this probability when the PC starts showing ads, opening windows for no reason, and even unscheduled installations are performed.

If any of these manifestations is latent inside your computer, you should know that infections are not something that requires greater concern, because like other operating systems, the Mac also contains strategies against these invaders.

Top options to remove viruses from Mac computer

One of the main tendencies of infections is their characteristic of adapting to different forms in order to go unnoticed in the eyes of the user who manipulates the computer. Capable of even making your Mac boot up slow .

remove viruses from Mac computer

That is why to make them disappear, the different spaces where they can be stored must be taken into account, in order to permanently erase them from the computer.

Removing viruses from your Mac computer turns out to be much easier than it really seems, as it does not make much difference from other operating systems.

Disable or remove browser extensions

As the scans are carried out through different Internet pages, you may have consciously decided to install an add-on within the program in order to carry out a specific activity.

This is not bad in its entirety, but many malware tend to sneak onto the computer through extensions. This is in order to get hold of the sensitive information that is entered on the websites.

Removing plug-in-form viruses from your Mac computer is very simple. Browser configurations allow you to do so.

In the case of Safari, which is the default browser of the Apple operating system, within the “Preferences” settings, select the “Extensions” tab and a list will be displayed on your screen.

Within there you can review each of the add-ons that make up your browser, and thus decide which are suspicious to deactivate or eliminate them.

Uninstall suspicious apps

As mentioned above, intruders adapt to various forms. Also including as software that operate independently within the computer.

Therefore, if you have noticed the presence of a program to which you have not authorized the installation or the functions it performs, you may be in the presence of an infection. In this sense, removing viruses from your Mac computer is quite simple.

To start doing it, you only need to enter the “Applications” folder and locate those that seem suspicious, to delete all their related files .

Remove viruses from Mac computer using third-party applications

MCleanMyac X is a very versatile program that works exclusively for the operating system created by Apple, in order to create the necessary protection for your computers.

It mainly has the option to delete applications and their files through the “Uninstall” section. To do this, it will only be necessary to locate the unwanted program and eliminate it according to the options that CleanMyMac X shows.

Remove viruses from Mac computer using third-party applications

On the other hand, it also allows you to use the “Virus Detector” as malware. Using it is very simple, since you only need to click on “Analyze” and if an invader is detected, click on “Delete”.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that there is a program known as “MacSafety ” that disguises itself as software and works as a virus. Which detects sensitive information, in order to manipulate it at your convenience.

It is done! Now you know how to remove or clean your Mac from viruses. From now on you should take into account that the Mac operating system is not as safe as it seems. Therefore, it is necessary to take the necessary measures to avoid possible future damage to the computer.

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