How to make my own GIFS with videos and photos on iPhone iPod or iPad

It turns out that Apple is incorporating new features to make your conversations more enjoyable and fun. But many may think that using these tools is going out of style. But we can tell you that they are increasingly used mainly among users of the WhatsApp platform .

This type of Gif is called animated and you can use it through a tool that Apple integrates into its devices and is none other than the Shortcut Collection. There are many applications that you can download for these devices. But this time we are going to use one that will help you make your own GIFS with videos and photos on iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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How to make my own GIFS with videos and photos on iPhone iPod or iPad

As we have already told you, so that you can  create your own Gifs, you must have the Shortcuts App installed on your Apple device. This can be found and downloaded easily from the App Store and remember that it is free. After you have installed this application on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, we will move on to the next step.

So that you can  make your own GIFS with videos and photos, you must go to the library and now you must choose what the origin of the Gif will be. To do this we are going to choose the last video or the last photo that we have taken. And we head to Get Latest Photos or Get Latest Video.

This action will ask you to authorize permissions to the Shortcut App, you must give it to it, then you must click on the option Get images from the entry. And in this way the shortcut will obtain those images that it needs to make the Gif. And this will do it from the image or video that we selected in the previous part.

If you have chosen an image you must do the following, if you have chosen video you can skip this point, now you must create the Gifs. For this we are going to press on the Create Gif option , and then we must that we want it to make the Gif. If we want it to be reproduced in an infinite loop or give it an adaptable size, since we leave it at its original size, it will take up a lot of space.

Settings to create GIFS with videos and photos on iPhone iPod or iPad

In seconds per photos you must place 0.1 which is recommended if we want your pace to be faster. The next step will be to select how we are going to visualize the Gif that we have just created. And in this way we can see how it has been, to do this we are going to select the Quick View option.

And now we are going to give our shortcut a name or if we wish we can put a command for Siri to execute it. There is also another option to save it as an icon in the Application on the desktop. For this to be done you are going to go to the upper right and here we will find two buttons we must activate one and deactivate the other .

Now to check that the actions we carry out can be executed well, we proceed to click on the Play option. If it is an image it will show you quickly, but if it is a video it may take a while depending on its size. For this reason it is advisable to make Gif of videos that are not very long to avoid this.

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Now you will only have to save it or share it with your contacts from other networks or applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook . And in this simple way you have been able to learn  how to make my own GIFS with videos and photos on iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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