How to Increase the Storage Space of a Macbook – Very Easy

An easy way to free up space is by deleting junk information. For example, those files that you do not use daily or are not important. Such as images, videos, audios, songs, apps, documents, books, among others.

Similarly, if your Macbook is a bit slow, you may need to free up some RAM memory . On the other hand, if the problem is that many of the things that you have saved on your device cannot be deleted, here we can help you solve it.

increase macbook space

What to do if I don’t want to delete my files?

People at some point in their lives have had information and documents that are worth “Gold” and for nothing in the world do they want to erase them, but on the contrary, to find a way to save it. Although among all of them some unnecessary files and programs that you can eliminate can never infiltrate .

The solution?

The solution is within everyone’s reach, you must increase the storage of your MacBook through an external helper.

What storage to choose?

You should first ask yourself if you want a portable space helper or one that you can use from your home. Here are two common types of storage:

If in your case you want to copy some files, you do not usually need a fast storage but one with greater retention of gigabytes on the hard disk, taking into account that they were designed not to be moving from one place to another.

Likewise, if you want one that is agile and fast, it is advisable to use a portable storage. This will allow you to manage and administer your documents from anywhere.

Hard drives require a period of time to access data. They are a bit slow because their process is mechanical, this creates a disadvantage. Falling or hitting yourself may suffer a consequence. However, hard drives offer greater storage capacity to hold all kinds of documents than solid state drives do not.

Solid state disks are fast, in addition to being electronic and small in shape. They cannot be damaged mechanically or physically. You can take them anywhere, they are less noisy than hard drives, but unfortunately they are expensive.

What storage to choose

Store and delete data manually

In addition to using hard drives or solid state drives, another basic way to free up space is to do it manually from your mobile device.

Store with MacOS Sierra

MacOS Sierra is a tool that works to protect your information through iCloud. In it you can save images, downloads, documents, videos and more. To access them you only have to download them directly from the cloud.

The automatic Mac detects the plagiarized downloads and by itself preserves the original. In addition to that, it deletes languages, letter features and dictionaries that are not useful. Free up spare cache, logs, and other identifications when there is a need to expand storage space.

iCloud saves space

In iCloud there are different options to save photos, images, messages, videos and documents without using an external drive. The free storage it has is 1 GB. To expand it you must pay.

Tame the clutter

Identify large and small files, eliminate unnecessary ones by clicking on the “check files” option. Then, select a category, enter one of them and decide which document to delete.

Use a TarDisk

The advantage of using an SD or TarDisk card is that it increases the space on your MacBook. It is available for the MacBook, as on other devices. When inserting it for the first time, take into account that you must go directly to TarDisk and align it to the internal memory of your Mac. Executing it this way will use the SD card as a backup.

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