How to Hide Icons and Folders on a Mac OS Desktop – Very Easy

It is very easy to maintain order on our desk and even more so if we learn little tricks to do it without having to spend so much time on it.

Although it may not seem like having our desktop clean and tidy at all times, it will allow us to do it easily and you will learn how to hide icons and folders on a desktop. Without continuing to waste time, we offer you the steps you must take.

But what we are going to teach you in this tutorial will not be how to order them, or move them, but how you can hide them. With our Mac Os it is very easy to do it and you will learn how to hide the icons and folders on a desktop. Without continuing to waste time, we offer you the steps you must take.

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How to hide icons and folders on a Mac OS desktop

We are going to indicate to you first that this solution that we are going to apply is nothing more than the use of an invisible or transparent folder that can be placed on the desktop and there you can put all your folders and icons. Another thing you should know is that this function only works on the desktop and you cannot add it to another place on the computer.

This folder will only be our knowledge and no one else can have access to it, unless of course you let them know that. Well, so that we can do this, we go to our computer and on the desktop we make a clip to select or create a new folder. In this folder we must delete the name.

As we do that, we will do this in the following way, you just have to delete the name then you have to press the space bar once and then press Enter. And that’s it, you have the unnamed folder. Now the next step is to change the folder icon , we will do this by going to the internet to search for it.

Then we place ourselves in the browser and we must place the following png icon in the search engine, this will allow us to search for a transparent icon. We do a clip in search and in the next window that appears we select Images. Then we select any image that we like, just be at least 500 x 500 pixels. Remember that you can also customize and change the colors of the folders on your Mac OS.

Creating the folder on the desktop

We select the image and download it to the desktop, having it we will open it in preview. When we open it with this option, we will find that a menu appears at the top of the image. In it is the tool option, we select it and look for another option called Rectangular selection and choose.

When we do this, a marker will appear, with this marker we will select the entire image and then make a clip. Repeat the action until the entire image is erased, then in fact we are going to select Save in the main menu. Then we just left, now we can see that the image that appears on the desktop is blank.

We go to that folder and change the name, we can put it, for example, invisible, transparent, whatever you want. Then we are going to move or paste this folder into Documents, we leave that window open and go to the folder that we had created at the beginning. In this folder we will access the information about it, to change the icon.

Now we go to the transparent or invisible image and we open it with Preview and then we copy it to the clipboard. And now we go to the folder and select the icon and in editing we select paste.

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And in this way our folder has become invisible and to get it on the desktop we just have to select a box on the desktop until it appears, the best part is that you can use images as an icon for your folders on Mac Os. And so you have learned in a very simple way how to hide icons and folders on a Mac OS desktop – very easy. 

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