How to Find and Find the MAC Address of My MacBook Pro Easily

Apple is one of the largest technology companies that exist today and has been providing its users with the best products and the best service for years. If you are a user of your pc or laptops you will realize that they are of very good quality and power.

Hence the importance that you learn everything you can about these devices so that you can get the best out of it and that is what we are here to talk about today. Surely you are here because you need or will have needed at some point to know your MAC address for certain procedures with your pc, but you do not know where to look for it, however, apart from finding it, it is also possible to change, configure or clone a MAC address with a router

Don’t worry, you are not the only one who has this problem because if you are not familiar with this topic, your MacBook options may seem confusing. And that is why we have created this guide so that you can know how to find this address quickly and easily.

What is the MAC address for?

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Before starting with the guide, we are going to talk a little about what the MAC address is and what it is used for, so that you have a broader framework of the information. This way you will be able to better understand the guide that we are going to provide you and you will know a little about this topic which can help you later. In the same way you can learn about the difference between an IP address and a Mac address .

The MAC address or media access control is a 12-digit number that the adapter of your MacBook Pro assigns itself to be able to identify itself when you surf the internet.

It is, so to speak, an identity card that all MacBook Pro have to be able to keep track of the information regarding your internet connection, whether you are browsing from a Wi-Fi connection or with an Ethernet cable.

Knowing how to identify this number within your PC is extremely important if you need to solve a problem regarding your Internet connection.

So read very carefully so that you do not have any problems in the process of obtaining the MAC address. Before starting the process, it is good to remind you to keep your operating system updated, since if this guide does not work for you, it may be because you have a very old system. In case you do not have a MacBook,  you will be interested in knowing what it is, what it is for and how to know the MAC address of my PC or Cellphone

How to know your MAC address?

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The process to find your MAC address is very simple and you don’t have to be a computer expert to find it on your pc. You will only need to follow the steps that we are going to show you below and in a two by three you will have your MAC address.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to the start of your MacBook Pro, then you should go to the Apple menu, which is the apple icon on your toolbar. Once there you must select the option called “About this Mac” which will open a window where you can see the basic information of your pc.

Once the window has loaded you must click on the button that says “More Info” that will take you to another window where you can find your Mac address. Once you are there you must click on the button called “System Report” where your MacBook Pro It will provide you with more information about the system.

Step 2

Among the options that you will find within the System Report there will be a section called “Network” where you will find the information you need. So you must click on this section and look for the Wifi option where a series of data from your network will appear, however, what is it and what is the MAC filtering option of my router for?

Within this information will be the option called MAC Address where the MAC address you need will be and voila, we hope this guide has been useful for you.

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