How to download and install printer drivers on Mac? Fast and easy

Nowadays the use of printer drivers in Mac has decreased dramatically, this has complicated a bit the understanding of its installation. But in this article you can find the easiest way to do it, without difficulties or options that will take you a lifetime to do.

How to install printer drivers on Mac?

First, it is necessary to emphasize that each printer model or manufacturer has its own drivers, therefore, the first thing to do is know the printer model. Once you know this you can start the driver installation process, you will be surprised how simple it can be.

Get the drivers

Knowing the model of the printer, it will be really easy to find the drivers, there are two methods to obtain them, one much easier than the other.

The first is through the printer installation CD, if you have this, you have gone half the way, it only remains to get to the installation. On the other hand, the slightly more tedious method is to download the drivers, this can be done from the official website of the manufacturer, it is the most recommended.

Download drivers

There is a ton of information available on the web and it will be easy to locate the most up-to-date drivers just by searching for the printer model.

The safest download option is through the official website of the printer manufacturer, generally they provide the drivers. Download the file and you can start the installation . As simple as that!

How to download and install printer drivers on Mac fast and easy

Install drivers

Before you begin, have the printer and the cables that will connect it to the Mac handy, to start, connect it and turn it on. In case the computer does not recognize the printer, it will be necessary to restart it, this will help the installation.

Well, if you have the CD, you just need to put it in the computer and allow the installation program to run. If you do not have the CD and have downloaded the drivers, you must locate the file and extract the .Zip, now all you have to do is run the file to achieve the installation.

Activate your printer

Having installed the printer drivers on Mac, it only remains to validate the printer, for this, enter the printing center, the process will be done there.

While there, press the “Alt” and “Add” keys at the same time , a list of printers that the computer has recognized will appear. With the second click select the printer and press “Add”. In case the printer is displayed in the center before this process, it will not be necessary to do so.

What do you need printer drivers for on Mac?

The controllers are an executable file that allows a device to successfully connect to your computer and run your task.

These, in turn, provide features that help you decide the printing style and the easiest way to do it, which are determined by the manufacturer.

Mac computers have wireless connection systems, this makes the most ideal printers that use this system.

How to download and install printer drivers on Mac fast and easy

This is why it has much fewer drivers, as it does not require the device to be connected directly. Hence the need for manual installation.

How long will the printer drivers be useful on Mac?

A driver, even in its initial version, can make a printer connect correctly to your computer, making it easy for you to use it.

Over time, drivers will disappear, making wired printers obsolete . For this reason, it is ideal to anticipate this time when they cannot be used. I hope this article has been of great help to solve your problem with the printer.

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