How to delete emails from MacOS Mail on Mac without opening them

Email is a service available to users for the purpose of being able to send and also receive files and messages; These can be done either from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Email is an excellent tool for staying connected. But it can also happen that on the way you receive unwanted emails, either from promotions, spam or any junk mail, in this case opening them would be a waste of time, thinking about it, deleting emails from MacOS Mail on the Mac without opening them is a excellent choice. On the other hand you can also mark an email as spam in iPhone Mail

What is MacOs Mail?

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MacOS is an operating system specially created for computers made by the Apple company. This system contains a compound of apps that work together with iCloud so that documents, photos and files are always up to date. However you can learn how many versions there are of Apple’s Mac OS operating system

That is why Mac computers, iPhone, and other Apple computers or devices can be connected to each other without any type of setback or problems, since they all have this integrated system, in addition to offering you complete security and privacy.

MacOs is based on the Unix system and also uses HFS + so that all its own files are integrated into this system. It contains a graphical interface that allows an interaction between the menu, windows and icons.

On these computers you can find the Apple Mail or Mail application, it is an email service that was originally created for NeXTMail, which was later acquired by the Apple company.

Within the functions of this Apple mail service we have a wide variety of options, so many that in some cases people are overwhelmed.

In terms of technology, Mac computers are distinguished by being the most modern on the market. Your monitor has a microphone, speakers, camera; the keyboard and mouse are wireless. Also, you can speed up the startup of my Mac if it takes a long time to start   and thus save a few seconds.

How can you delete emails from MacOS Mail on Mac without opening them?

On your Mac computer, you can delete the emails that you no longer consider necessary so that in this way you can keep your mailbox free of garbage. You can also delete old email addresses in Mac Mail , this in order to keep your email updated with your contacts.

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Step 1

If you only want to delete an email on your ‘Mac’, just go to the ‘App Mail’ and select the message you want to delete without even having to open it.

Step 2

In Mail go to the ‘Toolbar’, and observe the Delete tab on it press click; or if you want in the same header you can press the delete tab.

Step 3

If you do not want the message you want to delete to appear only as read, in the ‘Option’ tab, keep it pressed so that the message can be deleted.

Step 4

If you decide to move the mail to ‘Trash’, go to the option ‘Move discarded messages’, then take it to the option ‘Viewing Mail’ and delete the message by sliding to the left with the pointer and take it to ‘Trash’, there press click.

Step 5

If you want to delete not one but several emails or messages, select the ones you want to delete, go to App Mail and select them, so you will delete all the messages available in the conversation list.

Step 6

Or if you prefer, go back to Mail to the Toolbar and click on the Delete option, that way you will delete all the messages.

If you follow these steps you will have an effective solution to delete all the emails you want without opening them, you will save time and effort and you will also keep your email clean of spam.

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