How to create and configure a wireless local network on my Mac step by step?

When we speak of networks, the thought goes towards connections made that intertwine different aspects or objects. In computing, a network refers to all those systems that are connected allowing the mobilization of data and information. If you want to know more about networks and how to set up a wireless local network on my Mac, keep reading.

These are used to transmit information between devices in order to have data in common within the same space. There are different types of networks according to their usefulness and scope. Learn a little more about them before setting up a wireless local network on your Mac.

If you are interested in improving the range of your wireless network, you can use devices such as TPLINK repeaters that will allow you to increase the connection radius.

Types of networks

If you want to create and configure a wireless network in your home, you will need some equipment and meet some conditions, among which a  broadband connection and modem and a wireless network adapter stand out.

The connection of the networks can be done by wiring (Fiber Optic) or wirelessly, this, depending on the type of network that is installed. In general, those networks with a physical connection are the basis for other networks, for example, the well-known VPN (Virtual Private Network). For wireless data transmission, software installed through tunnels are used.

To work with an optical fiber it is important to know in advance what the types and functions of these are.

Each type of network is used according to its specific design aimed at a special area. This can be based on techniques, preferences, characteristics and advantages. Next, their classification.

Personal Area Network (PAN)

It means networks for personal use, and they have a low range. They allow to establish communications between devices such as telephones and laptops. Also, they can connect with networks of greater reach but their speed when sending data is low. They are used mainly for the connection of entertainment devices, such as game consoles or wireless headphones.

macbook computer

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

It is a broadband network that is used in urban areas to interlink several local networks that are within the same geographical radius. In general, they are networks managed by specific companies that are leasing these lines. They work through routers which allow the best performance and speed in terms of data transmission from one point to another.

Local Area Network (LAN)

When a network is made up of more than a single computer, it belongs to a local network. We speak of these, when the field of the home or a company is concerned. That is, it is when several devices converge in a single space. They can also be schools or technical information venues.

Its range depends on the device used to transmit your signal and the amplifier or repeater. If you have several computers in your home or business, discover how to configure a wireless local network on your Mac.

Steps to configure a wireless network on your Mac

Now you know what local networks are and that you can use them to share files between all those computers that are within your space. Learn how to set up a wireless local network on your Mac, so you can exchange data safely and easily.

Requirements to create and configure your network

All computers must be connected to the internet, either wired or wireless ( Wifi ). Also, they must belong to the same work team. And finally, the best thing is to have a fixed IP.

wireless network

  • In the browser, select “ Go ” and then “Connect to the server”, wait for a pop-up window to appear and there, place this command “smb: // IP_DEL_ORDENADOR”. Which will allow other connections.
  • Click on “Connect”, and then, in the next window, enter the username and password of the other computer with which you want to connect.
  • Once this connection is made, it will appear in the browser, the computer with which the connection was made and the folders or files to share.

With these steps you can exchange data between computers through the networks that are within a space and with other users. Wireless networks not only work with computers, printers can also be connected and configured with a wireless network.

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