How to configure the dimensions of a Mac OSX when connecting an external display

The latter is something that is easily applied to Macs, since it is a team to which they have put a lot of effort in the visual aspect. The fact that everything is readable, accessible and understood without a lot of verbiage is vital on a Mac system .

It is for the same reason that the visual component, specifically, is so important. And for this come the Apple screens with the Mac: to be able to have this experience without any inconvenience.

However, there are people who prefer to make use of an external screen and connect them through HDMI or VGA cables . Even when you have a Mac OSX, many prefer to use an external display to the one that comes with the Mac system.

But, it can often be confusing for people to be able to change certain aspects of this external display through a Mac OSX computer .

If this is the case, you don’t have to look much further, because below we will explain how you can configure the dimensions of a Mac OSX when connecting an external display in just a few simple steps. So stay with us and see how to do it below.

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Changing dimensions on an external display in Max OSX

Actually, being able to change the screen settings or, more specifically, the dimensions itself, is a very simple process.

Next we will explain it to you in a few simple steps, but you have to bear in mind that this tutorial has been made for Catalina 10.15. Although, it can serve you in the same way since the process between this and other versions is very similar. See the process below:

  • To be able to change the resolution, or the dimensions, of a connected screen, all you have to do is enter the Apple menu that you will see in the form of the classic Apple apple. Once there, go into System Preferences and then click on the Screens option. Then choose “Screen “.
  • Now, you must press the Option key while clicking the Adjusted option . In this way you will be able to see other available resolutions for the screen that you have connected.
  • Now, you must select a dimension option for this screen and that’s it.

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Changing the resolution for the main screen

Now, if you want to change the resolution of the main screen and not a secondary or external one, you must follow the following simple steps:

  • As in the previous step by step, you must select the Apple menu, and you will enter System Preferences. Then, enter Screens and then Screen.
  • Now, just select the option to scale and select the option that best suits your preference and the size of your screen.

Once you have done either of these two little tutorials you should have a small detail in mind. Every time you change the resolution of your screen, whether it is the main one or an external one, you may notice that many apps do not fit the entire screen.

This is because resizing one of these can greatly affect Mac OSX performance , so keep that in mind when changing your resolution. And whether you’re playing video games or using memory and visual demanding programs on Mac OSX, if the resolution is too high, performance will always suffer.

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