How to clear the cache and cookies of the MacOS Safari browser?

It is necessary to clear the cache and cookies of the MacOS Safari browser, since they are stored on the websites that you visit frequently. This allows you to download again when you enter the website, helping to improve navigation.

Although it may happen that at some point you will have to clear the cache and cookies. Sometimes the pages do not update or the images do not load completely. When that happens, web browsing becomes tedious and slow right? Relax, we have the solution! Here we will show you how to clear the cache and cookies of the MacOS Safari browser.

Delete the cache and cookies of web pages in Safari

When you surf the net, certain websites save information about what you do on it; as well as personal data: users and passwords. Taking precaution, it is advisable to eliminate ads or pop-up advertising that endanger your data. In such cases it is good to block suspicious websites . If it is not possible, then it should be erased periodically to protect your privacy from malicious people who want to find out what you do on the net. To clear the cache and cookies the procedure is simple and fast; perform the following steps:

  • Go to Preferences .
  • Select the camera icon.
  • Tap Manage website data.
  • There you can delete manually by selecting the website.
  • Another way is to delete everything by pressing “Delete all”.

By deleting the cookies, the usernames and passwords used to enter web pages that accept autocompletion are canceled.

Clear Safari browser cache

Safari has a ‘ Developer Menu ‘, this is used to clear the cache without deleting cookies and history. You can activate this by clicking on Safari ‘Preferences’, press the word “Advanced”. There press Show Development Menu .

macbook on safari browser view

Then a “Develop” menu option will appear. You must close the open Safari windows and click on ‘Empty Cache’, then click on ‘ File ‘, then press ‘New window’, in this way you will start in Safari completely clear of Cache.

Clear autocomplete data

This is a Safari tool, which allows you to cancel cookies and store data on the web , such as users and passwords, among others. You can delete this data by clicking on ‘Edit’. The most important ones such as usernames and passwords are overridden.

Cancel or delete logins from web pages

Maybe you misspelled your username or password on a web page and Safari continues to autocomplete. You can give it in ‘Settings’, then ‘ Preferences ‘, find the site and delete. The web page entry is created by pressing ‘Add.’ Enter the URL, that is, https:, for example, then write down your username and password, press the Tab key and it will change to another field.

Delete users and passwords in the system

To delete all the data from the websites, you must use the Keychain Access app that is in the Finder’s utilities folder. We advise you to be cautious, since this application dominates almost all the security of your MacOS. Do the next step: Click on the word ‘Search’, type the web page and then search for the information for the entries and passwords. Press the right mouse button and choose the ‘Delete’ option.

man operating laptop

In conclusion, it is important to clear the cache and cookies of the MacOS Safari browser periodically, this optimizes web browsing. Cleaning can be extended to your ipad . Take care of your safety from malicious people who want to obtain your personal information.

As you have read in this article, there are different ways to clear the macOS browser cache and cookie, whether you do it to individual sites, web page logins, clear autocomplete data for some pages, or just clear everything. of the system. The choice is yours. Remember to share this information with family and friends so everyone can benefit from it.

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