How to blur, blur or pixelate a video with Screenflow on Mac

Steps to blur, blur or pixelate a video with Screenflow

The first thing you should do before learning how to blur, blur or pixelate a video with Screenflow on Mac is to have the application installed on your computer. If you haven’t done so yet, click on the following link, so you can download Screenflow safely and easily.

Once you have the Screeenflow application installed on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the application and select the video you want to blur, blur or pixelate.
  2. Next, in the lower Zoom bar you will increase the size of the video playback track.
  3. Now, in the play bar you are going to place yourself in the exact second or minute where you want the blur to begin.
  4. Later, you click on the video track to select it and the blurring can be performed.
  5. In the menu located on the right side, choose the fourth symbol called “Callout” and select the “+ Action” button to add an action.
  6. In the following message that will appear on your screen, you click the “Ok” button.
  7. In the right menu of “Callout” mark the option “Freehand “, decrease the opacity bar to “0” and increase the blur bar to your liking.
  8.  If you want to blur a square area you must select the square symbol that appears next to the video. On the contrary, if it is a round area, you select the round symbol that also appears next to the video.
  9. After this, you just have to click with the mouse in the area of ​​the video that you want to blur and without releasing it drag the mouse to cover the desired size.
  10.  Finally, you are going to click on the video track bar, just in the right area outside the (Callout) so that the blur is saved.

edit video blur

It is worth noting that you can do this action several times in the same video to blur, blur or pixelate various parts of the video.

Advantages of the Screenflow application

When you have a video and you want no part of it to be seen, either because it is a registered trademark or it is a sensitive data, you will need an application. What these applications do is to blur, for example, a face or a license plate of a car, so that they are not seen in the video.

Currently, you will be able to find in the application store of your Mac device a great variety of App for editing videos . One of the best applications for this is Screenflow, not only because it allows you to edit your videos but also because it allows you to use your camera to capture it directly.

So, if you want to make a video tutorial directly from the Screenflow App and edit it at once, this application allows it easily. In addition, you also have the option to enable the microphone of your Mac computer so that you not only capture images but also the audio of your videos.

Also, it captures the audio coming from the equipment, which is very convenient for Gammer, for when they want to make their video games tutorials. Also, Screenflow has support for subtitles and graphics animation, so when you want to edit a movie, you can do it with this program.

Another very interesting option that the Screenflow program for Mac has is the possibility of including animated Gif and PNG in your editions. Another very interesting topic that might interest you is how to video record a PowerPoint slide show.

screenflow editor program

As you could see , blurring, blurring or pixelating a video with Screenflow is extremely simple and fast if you follow the instructions in this wonderful post. Remember that only at can you find the most varied tutorial content.

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