How to add new pages to a PDF Adobe Reader on Mac OS for free

There is no doubt about this wonderful tool devised by Adobe Reader and that it can work for any computer or operating system. Due to the great importance of this program for the creation of PDF documents. We have brought you this tutorial and you can learn   how to add new pages to a PDF Adobe Reader in Mac OS for free.

In essence, if you have ever worked with this editor, you will have noticed that it is very easy to use, but it has certain functions that may be difficult for you. This is the case, if we want to add new pages. That is why I want to show you the simple steps you have to do to do this in your PDF documents.

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How to add new pages to a PDF Adobe Reader on Mac OS for free

As we have already said, this program is very versatile and can work with operating systems such as Windows or for Mac Os operating systems. But when we have files created in Adobe Reader, it is not possible that we can modify them or add anything. The program will only allow us to share, search and mark the files that we have in PDF.

In order for us to make any changes or edits to the PDF files, it is necessary that we have the full version of the Adobe Acrobat Professional program. Or failing that, we can make use of any software package that we can get online. So that we can make the edits that have to be made and save them.

Adobe Reader offers you the possibility of making free downloads of its program as PDF Expert for Mac and you can make edits in the PDF files. Not only can you add new pages, you can also make text edits, edit images, signature edits, etc. It is currently possible to make any changes to your PDF files and save the changes.

After you have made the free download to your computer and you must install it, after that you can use the different options that it offers you to edit all your PDF documents. Now you just have to open the file in which you want to add the page. To do this you go to the Adobe Reader program, then select File and finally Open.

How to add new pages to a PDF

After this action is performed, a dialog box or a window will appear and we are going to find the file that we want to edit, we select and it will appear on the screen. So that you can scroll through the entire document, we suggest that you use the keyboard functions so that you can go up, down, go right or left.

Next we are going to add a new page, this we are going to do if we go to the top where the main menu is located. Here we are going to make a clip on the Insert tab, when doing this a box with options will appear. Here you can select a new sheet or select an existing document.

In this way the document or the new page will be inserted into your PDF document, very easily. Finally, you just have to go to the top of the menu and select the File tab. And you only have to make a clip in the Save option, so that the changes made in the document are made.

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If you can figure it out, making edits in a PDF document are very easy to do without having to go to another person to do the work for you. Since you, through this tutorial, you could learn easily and quickly how to add new pages to a PDF Adobe Reader in Mac OS for free.

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