How to add a Yandex Mail account to an iPhone or iPad?

iPhone is one of the best products created by Apple. This title not only takes it for being beautiful and having good cameras, but also for its incredible ability to couple with formats or things that are not exactly created for it. That is why today you will see How to add a Yandex Mail account to an iPhone or iPad?

And it is that, although the company with the bitten apple is popular because its products always have unique things created by themselves. That does not mean that they want to expand the market by letting other providers put their programs or applications on their devices. One of these providers is Yandex.

What is Yandex Mail?

Before you can answer the initial question of How to add a Yandex Mail account to an iPhone or iPad ?, you first have to know what it is, so that later there is no confusion about what you are doing.

Basically, it is an email platform equal to Gmail, but whose headquarters are in Russia. The creators of it are the multinational company Yandex, which is originally from this same country.

This is not well known in the United States or Europe, but that does not mean that it is not good, since it can literally be compared to the best email messaging systems of rival companies.

yadex written in russian


One of its great virtues (with which it can be said that it even surpasses its opponents), is that it allows its user to create a corporate email account , or with a fully personalized web domain (something that other companies do not allow) .

In addition, the company allows large organizations to create accounts for all its employees, allowing them to add to their entire payroll without problems or restrictions (it gives them even more seriousness).

This email is not only designed for Russia, since it has a very advanced multilanguage support, with which you can change its configuration to Spanish or English if you prefer, adapting the interface for you.

As a last detail, Yandex is completely free, you do not have to pay for any of its services, so it is an extremely cheap option if you want to save money (in the case of companies).

How to add a Yandex Mail account to an iPhone or iPad?

For that you must follow the following steps : First go to your mobile or iPad and go to “Settings”, when you are already there, move down and give the option called “Accounts and passwords “, in that section press the “Add account” button.

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This will make a list of options appear, click where it says “Other”, and then “Add email account”. For having carried out this action, you will be asked to enter the details of the account you are going to add, do so. Then hit the “Next” button.

That will take you to a tab where you must enter the IMAP configuration of Yandex Mail in the box called “Incoming mail server”. And followed by that in the “Outgoing mail server” section you will have to place the SMTP server configuration.

By doing both, you will get your Yandex email downloaded, and also that the mobile understands how to send an email to your account. To finish press the “Next” button and in the later tab make sure that the mail is enabled. Finally click on “Save” and voila, everything will be finished.

With that you will have your new email configured, so you can say that you know the answer to the question How to add a Yandex Mail email account to an iPhone or iPad? Now go and use your new knowledge. And if you happen to want to add Yandex mail in the Mac account settings, it is also possible!

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