How to activate Safari’s reading mode on iPhone and iPad

Safari in a web browser service developed by the Apple corporation, this search engine is available on computers, as well as on iPadOS, iOS, and MacOS. It was launched on the market in early 2003 and currently has more than seven versions available.

In the beginning, the browser was part of a beta project developed to supplant at some point the browser used by default by Mac. Safari was formally presented as an independent browsing service in June 2003 with its version Safari 1.0.

This service has a fast and exclusive navigation interface, despite the fact that its market share is not as high in relation to other web browsers today. Of course, this is not an impediment for users to enjoy the benefits of using this browser.

On the other hand, Safari offers different options and tools that help users to carry out any activity in a much more dynamic way. An example of this is activating Safari’s reading mode on iPhone and iPad. So if you still do not know how to carry out this process, do not worry because below we will explain step by step how you can achieve it.

How to activate Safari’s reading mode on iPhone and iPad?

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In a world where the major content distribution media use texts in the form of articles to publicize news and information of interest to the public or consumer, it is essential to use reading platforms.

This is how Safari has developed alternatives to provide its users with a close source of reading. Taking into account that the main reason why the “reading mode” tool has been implemented in iPhone and Apple electronic devices is associated with the annoying situation in which a user accidentally slides on the device and loses the thread of what he was reading. If you want you can sync your books from iPhone to iPad easily.

Some of the functions that are incorporated into this tool include the exclusive centralization of the text, eliminating other types of material such as images or links to other pages. In addition, various colors are added in the background that make the reading process much easier.

Steps to activate Safari’s reading mode on iPhone or iPad

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There is the possibility to adjust the reading mode manually or using a previous configuration in the browser. In this way, this function will be activated automatically when entering a web page.

To activate the reading mode automatically, we can initially enter the main tab of the browser and write in the search panel the name or URL of the web page in which we want to read.

Pulsa en el menú de ajustes y configuración que se encuentra ubicado en la esquina superior de la pantalla en el sitio web. Una vez dentro, desliza en el menú y selecciona en “ajustes del sitio web”. Te encontrarás con un icono de ajustes que pueden aplicarse a la página web en cuestión. Es posible activar la opción “versión de escritorio” pulsando en el botón deslizable.

También podrás marcar en la opción “usar lector automáticamente”. Y así no tener que estar realizando el proceso  en repetidas ocasiones. Si el sitio web lo amerita existen otras herramientas que puedes activar, como la cámara, el micrófono e incluso la ubicación.

¿Por qué utilizar el navegador web Safari para ingresar a Internet?

According to computer merchandise studies conducted in the middle of this year, the Safari web browser interface is much faster on the Mac and Windows operating systems. It also includes search tools and settings associated with the web page that can be useful. The ideal is to have this browser updated to the latest version

Despite the fact that the market share of this platform is not that high compared to other browsers, this is not an impediment for the service to function properly and even its speedy notary may be related to this.

Another of its points in favor is that as it is working as a search engine for Apple Corporation, it works from wireless networks that rarely or never have presented failures in the service.

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