How do I remove or disable the Activation Lock on my iPhone or iPad?

But there are also other ways, by which you can activate the activation lock and this in cases where you are performing a restoration and recovery of your data. And you didn’t close your iCloud session before , this also usually happens when you buy one of these second-hand devices, but don’t worry, there are ways to fix it.

This situation can become somewhat annoying since if you obtained the second-hand iPhone or iPad, you must look for the previous owner to give you the key. As we have already told you, this has a solution, the same as it has if you want to  increase or expand the internal memory of my i Phone or iPad, very easy.

How to remove or disable Activation Lock on my iPhone or iPad

Next, we are going to tell you what you should do so that you can remove or deactivate the activation lock on my iPhone or iPad. One of the most recurring situations is the fact that you have deleted all the content from your device.

disable lock

And then you want to recover or restore the data and you did not first make sure if you had closed the section in iCloud, it is likely that the activation lock will appear.

To solve this problem, you just have to enter the same data that you used when you set up the device the first time and these are the Apple ID and the password. If you have a device equal to or greater than iOS 11 and you are protected with two-factor authentication. You can still unlock your device and disable Activation Lock.

How to remove or deactivate the activation lock of my iPhone or iPad if they are second-hand

So that you can  remove or deactivate the activation lock on my iPhone or iPad, when you have bought it from someone else. The only way you can remove this lock is by contacting the previous owner. Otherwise it will be almost impossible for you to carry out this operation and you will have to think of another way to do it, but that is not recommended, so first contact the previous owner.

This is normal to happen when the previous owner protected their device and when turning it on, it shows you the following screens. Activation Lock and you must enter the Apple ID and password. The other screen that shows you is Enter code, so this data can only be provided by the one who activated it and is none other than the previous owner.

Contact him and ask for his help, also ask him to delete this device from his account, now in case he shows you to enter the code. Ask the owner to unlock it and go to Settings, then to general, select the reset option and finally Delete content and settings. In this case, the previous owner must enter the Apple ID and password.

If the previous owner of the device is not nearby, tell him that he can unlock the device remotely. This will either be achieved by logging into iCloud and logging into your account, with your Apple ID. Next it will go to Find my iPhone, at the top of the screen you will find the All devices option .

disable iphone lock

Now the next thing to do is choose the device that you will delete from iCloud, then you must click on the Delete option. In the next questions you must choose Next until the device is erased. And finally, on the Delete account option, you must click, when these actions have been carried out, you must turn off the device to turn it on again and configure it.

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