What is and how does the Kernel work in the Linux operating system and its versions?

When we want to install Linux on our PC, in general, before doing so we look for information about the subject, by doing so, we have access to the wide variety of Linux distributions that exist, the most famous being Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux mint, they should .

All these are modified versions of Linux, which share the same Kernel, the so-called Kernel, it is the kernel of the operating system, which is in charge of all the processes and threads of the system, this has the main characteristic, of being open source, and thanks to this is that there are so many Linux distributions.

What is the kernel?

An operating system is based on several lines of code one after another, these normally express instructions that must be followed, they are normally interpreted by the computer’s BIOS, but these lines of code are not more than that, unless it is available of the Kernel, since this is the core of everything, and the one that knows how to interpret the lines of code.

When you use Linux, you can select what you want to use, you can from a command terminal deactivate some functions and activate others, that is, because in many Linux companies it is simply used as a command console, since the graphic section is left more for home and desktop computers. 

desktop computer for linux kernel

In everyday use, the Kernel does not interact directly with the user,  since it is a set of threads that run without user supervision, the core of the system, it has full access to all the hardware of the computer, from peripherals to drives. storage and processing.

How does the Kernel work in Linux?

As we already know, the Kernel works as the kernel of the Linux system, this is based on a Unix clone, and they share many similarities, as we already know it has control of all the hardware of the PC.

Therefore, it has the power to control the use of RAM memory, Linux being a highly compatible system with many applications, RAM management is vital for the proper functioning of the system, therefore, it is also a good idea to know which applications They are the best when it comes to using Linux , since they are specifically made for this system.

Also, the Kernel has the ability to make use and management of our processor, as is well known, current computers have a large number of cores and threads, therefore, the kernel must be able to efficiently divide tasks between each one of the cores, in order to achieve the best performance.

Currently the Linux kernel allows you to do almost anything, and it is not necessary so much knowledge to learn how to use it, it is good to know it and get rid of the idea that Linux is just a console, in it, you can download a large number of programs from internet , making your distributions a great experience.

What versions are there of the Linux Kernel?

The Linux Kernel has been undergoing changes over the years, and since its departure in 1991, it has a total of 5 versions, when we install a version of Linux, we realize that many times it brings a number next to the name, These numbers are the ones that tell us what version of Linux it is. 

computer with linux kernel commands

The first number from left to right, tells us which version of the Kernel has that version, going from 1 to 5, this value normally does not tend to change much, since there are only 5 versions and the first 3 are almost in total disuse of the In the same way, the number followed by it tells us what version the distribution we are using has.

It can be anyone, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Linux mint, it is generally recommended that the most recent version be installed, the last two values ​​refer to revisions of the edition and the number of critical failures that the system has had to be tested on PCs or virtual machines, specially designed for this practice.

It should be noted that the more revisions it has, the version of Linux that we are trying to download, the better and more reliable it will be when it is installed, since when bugs are found, patches are made and they are solved quickly.

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