How to Show and Add Battery Percentage Icon in Ubuntu – Quick and Easy

If you recently installed Ubuntu on your PC and you’re not already familiar with the whole, you might be surprised to know that this operating system does not always show you the battery icon on the screen. That is why today we will teach you how to display and add the battery percentage icon in Ubuntu easily and quickly.

Ubuntu is an operating system widely used by computers and gamers, due to its high efficiency. In addition, it allows you to install programs from the terminal , just as you would in Windows from the Microsoft Store. However, it can be somewhat shocking at first when you don’t get the typical icons on the screen.

How to show battery percentage icon in Ubuntu?

When you install Ubuntu on your PC, you can see that at the top of the screen there is a bar that, towards its extreme right, shows a series of icons. Some of these are the time, the volume, a nut (which corresponds to the settings menu), and normally it also shows the battery.

If you can’t see the battery icon or percentage remaining in this bar, you’re in the right tutorial to easily add it. Although you could also try giving it the appearance of a Mac if you do not like the main interface at all. Below we will explain step by step what you must do to show the battery.

Steps to show the battery icon in Ubuntu

  • The first thing you should do is click on the search engine or ‘Dash’ and look for the ‘System Configuration’ icon, which consists of a nut with a wrench on top.

show battery percentage in Ubuntu

  • Once you click on that icon, a window with different icons opens. Here you should look for the ‘Power’ icon, which appears as a battery with a cable, and click on it.
  • A new window will open displaying various options. Among them, there is a section with a drop-down menu that says ‘Show the battery status in the menu bar’. When you open that menu, three options will appear:
  1. The first says ‘When the battery is present’, which means that it will show the battery icon all the time.
  2. The next one says ‘When the battery is charging or in use’, and if you select this option the icon will disappear when you have your laptop plugged into the power and with a full battery.
  3. And the last option says ‘Never’, so if you choose it you will not see the battery percentage icon on the taskbar at any time.

By choosing option 1 or 2 you will already have the battery icon in the menu bar. As you can see, this process was really quick and easy to carry out. However, there are other modifications that you could make, such as having the exact percentage of battery you have displayed.

Add battery life percentage or time in Ubuntu

If you have already managed to show the battery icon in the menu bar, but would also like to see the exact percentage of battery you have available, keep reading this section. We will explain it to you step by step and you will see that it is very simple.

add battery percentage icon in ubuntu

  • First of all, go to the menu bar and click on the battery icon. You will see that a box is displayed with several options.
  • The first option will tell you how long it will take for the battery to fully charge or, failing that, it will tell you that it is fully charged.
  • The next two options will allow you to show the remaining battery time in the bar and the exact percentage of battery you have. You can activate both options or just one of them depending on your preference.
  • And finally, there is an option that works as a shortcut to the Power Settings, where we were previously to be able to show the battery icon in the menu bar.

We hope this tutorial to learn how to display and add the battery percentage icon in Ubuntu has been useful to you. And if you want to continue customizing your PC, we recommend that you configure the screen saver and encourage yourself to download the applications you need from the terminal.

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