How to optimize and clean Ubuntu Linux system with Stacer and Bleachbit?

Linux is an operating system that, like Windows, tends to fill up with files over time that lower the performance of the computer. Although many users do not know it, there are tools for Linux that perform the same function as CCleaner (you can configure CCleaner on Windows or Mac but not Linux). So learn to optimize and clean the Ubuntu Linux system with Stacer and Bleachbit.

When the computer is used, it fills up with temporary files, cache and even files that he should have deleted himself. So a cleaning tool for all these elements can improve and optimize the operation of a computer.

E n Windows is common to use the CCleaner tool for these functions, but this is not available for Linux – based operating systems. However, there are two programs that generate the same results. below, find out how to optimize and clean your Ubuntu Linux system with Stacer and Bleachbit.

How to install Bleachbit and Stacer?

In Linux many programs are not installed simply by clicking on an “.exe” as is customary in Windows. In these operating systems the process works differently, so you must learn to install Ubuntu packages or programs from the terminal.

At the end of the installation, you can quickly optimize and clean the Ubuntu Linux system with Stacer and Bleachbit. In this way, obtain a better performance of the equipment.

Install Bleachbit

This program in some versions is integrated into the Ubuntu operating system. In case you will not proceed with the next method. In the event that it is not installed, but is in the operating system repositories, you will need to open a text terminal and execute the following command “sudo apt install Bleachbit”.

bleachbit app interface

The easiest way to open a text terminal is by pressing the “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “T ” keys at the same time. If the Ubuntu version does not have the program in the repositories, it will proceed to download from the official Bleachbit website.

After the download completes, open a text terminal and enter the following command “sudo dpkg -i /tmp/bleachbit_1.12_all_ubuntu1604.deb” to proceed with its installation.

It is very common to fail, since it is necessary to install the dependencies. To do this, you must enter the following command “sudo apt -f install” in the same terminal.

Install Stacer

This program has an official repository so it will not be necessary to search for it and perform a manual download. To do this, just open a text terminal and first enter the following command “sudo add-apt-repository ppa: oguzhaninan / stacer” and execute it.

Next, you must enter “sudo apt-get update” and finally “sudo apt-get install stacer”. In order to finish the installation of this program in a simple and fast way.

Steps to optimize and clean Ubuntu Linux system with Stacer and Bleachbit

With the two programs installed, it will be easy to optimize and clean the Ubuntu Linux system with Stacer and Bleachbit. The following will be how to use these tools.

Optimize with Bleachbit

This program has two execution methods, one from the console and the other from the applications in the Ubuntu menu. Clicking on its icon will open a configuration window. This will have many elements that can be modified. However, if you do not have the knowledge of these functions, it is best to leave them in presets.

colored ubuntu interface

To continue, press the “Close ” option , which will open a simple interface. To the left of this you will find all the options that can be executed to optimize the equipment. Likewise, the details of the options that are selected will be outlined in the box on the right. After selecting the option you want to execute, you will only need to press “Preview” and after that select “Clean “.

Optimize with Stacer

In the case of Stacer, this program has a more intuitive interface so that when it is run, the options and a summary of the status of the equipment will be displayed. To optimize the equipment with this tool, you just have to choose the function and press the “ Clean ” button .

With this you are done for today, the only thing you need to know is that if in any case you stop liking these programs you can always uninstall a program or application in Ubuntu whenever you want.

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