How to install a capsule indicator and numeric keypad in Ubuntu?

Having a capital letter or numeric keypad indicator is very useful because we are aware of how our keyboard is configured. That is why today we will teach you How to install a capitalization indicator and numeric keyboard in Ubuntu? Something very useful in the event that you do not have access to this function on your keyboard.

Ubuntu is an excellent platform where we can access a multitude of different tools to solve small problems in life. In this case, there are also software designed precisely to show if the capital letters and the numeric keyboard are active.

For the above reasons, we have prepared this article in which we will present you the most easily accessible tool to easily display information on the screen.

Ubuntu uppercase indicator

What are the Caps and Numeric Keypad indicators?

Keyboards are exceptional tools with which we interact with our computers. Without a doubt, they are an essential invention with which work is greatly facilitated. They are complex tools that contain a large number of keys and allow us to perform a multitude of different functions.

As we pointed out, keyboards allow you to perform many actions and usually have different indicators. These include the uppercase indicator and the numeric keypad indicator.

The uppercase indicator indicates when writing with uppercase letters only is enabled. On the other hand, the indicator on the numeric keypad indicates when it is active or not. Both of these functions are useful and are often represented on most keyboards.

However, on certain keyboards (laptop keyboards or small keyboards) there are no indicators of these characteristics. Given this, it is best to install a program in Ubuntu that is capable of showing when capital letters are active and when the numeric keyboard is active .

Computer keyboard with numeric keypad

How to install a capsule indicator and numeric keypad in Ubuntu?

The easiest method with which you will be able to see the state of capital letters or the numeric keyboard within Ubuntu, is by using the Indicator-keylock tool . This tool is designed precisely to show if capital letters or the numeric keyboard are active. To get and start using this little app read the following guide:

  1. The procedure to have an indicator of capital letters and the numeric keyboard within the Ubuntu platform is very simple, first of all, it is convenient to learn to use the Ubuntu terminal . Then open the tool by going directly to the Ubuntu menu or by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Alt + T.
  2. Once the terminal has been properly opened within Ubuntu, you must write the following code to obtain the tool “sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa: tsbarnes / indicator-keylock”, once the code has been entered you must press “enter”.
  3. When you have entered the above code, it is time to enter the following “sudo apt-get update” in this way it will make sure to check if there are updates for the application.
  4. And the last step is precisely the installation of the Indicator-keylock tool, for this, all you have to do is enter the following code “sudo apt-get install indicator-keylock”.

Once the application has been correctly installed, a small icon in the shape of “A” or “1” will be displayed in the Ubuntu toolbar , symbols that will indicate whether capital letters and the numeric keyboard are activated or deactivated respectively.

Either way, you should be aware that the application can only display one function at a time. Therefore, you will have to choose between the uppercase indicator or the numeric keypad indicator. This configuration can be done very easily by accessing the application icon on the toolbar. Also, you can enable or disable the touchpad in Ubuntu when required.

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