Why can’t my iPhone be heard when I’m called on speakerphone only?

To find a solution to your problem, you should first check if the problem with the speaker is only during calls or your iPhone also has problems when you try to listen to music or videos from the speaker.

And if your computer is an iPhone, you forgive it less. However, it happens and also happens quite often. That is why in this note we show you what you can do when these tragic events happen.

What to do when my iPhone cannot be heard when they call me?

We must bear in mind that iPhones are quite sophisticated equipment but they are not without flaws. In addition, they are delicate equipment, so the first thing to do is subject the device to cleaning and debugging.

Over time, with use, the iPhone mobile will accumulate dust particles in sensitive areas such as horns. . These teams incorporate two listening devices. One on the top front that is for listening to phone calls, and a speaker on the bottom for music and other sounds.

If you have problems with the speakers below , you can fix it by cleaning them.

Why can't my iPhone be heard when I'm called on speakerphone only?

These devices must be periodically subjected to a cleaning process. You can do this with a simple used toothbrush, a small wool or cotton cloth, and a needle or pin.

The procedure is simple. With the brush, preferably moistened in isopropyl alcohol or electronic cleaning fluid, you gently rub the areas where the horns are located. These are recommendations on what we can do when my iPhone cannot be heard when called.

You insert the sewing needle, pin or clip into the holes of the horns through which the sound flows and, with great care, you impinge on this hole until you remove any dirt particles that may be interfering with the correct functioning of the horns.

You rule out coverage failures

If after cleaning the iPhone the fault in the sound persists, it is necessary to exhaust other revisions. One of the first steps is to verify in the functions menu that the cell phone does not have the Speaker function enabled by mistake. If this is the case, the calls will always go out through the loudspeaker horn.

It can also happen that on the iPhone you have bluetooth enabled  and you are listening or playing music through external headphones, AirPods, and when you remove them the bluetooth is activated by mistake or carelessness. We are listing issues that result in my iPhone not hearing when called on speakerphone only.

Disable “Hey Siri”

IPhones are multi-purpose equipment and that is why their high demand in the market. One of the many benefits that these devices provide, especially in the most advanced models, is through the home assistant “Siri”.

Why can't my iPhone be heard when I'm called on speakerphone only?

There are cases that when activating the “Siri” assistant, it intervenes with other hearing devices on the computer. That is why it is important, if you are facing problems with the sound to hear calls or there are interfering noises, check that this function is deactivated if it is not in use.

Reconfigure iPhone

If the glitches continue and my iPhone can’t be heard when called, the problem could be more serious. One last step before going to external technical support is to reconfigure the device.

Before doing so, you must make a backup copy to safeguard sensitive data, and proceed to reconfigure the iPhone to its original values. We hope that this simple information will be useful in case your iPhone has sound problems when you receive a call.

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