My iPhone won’t boot and stays on the Apple logo – Solution

Are you worried that your iPhone device won’t boot? Don’t worry, it is very possible that we will find the solution. On many occasions when the apple logo appears and the cell phone hangs, it can be easily fixed.

One option is to turn off or force restart an iPhone 11 that usually helps, but in the event that it does not work, read the following information carefully where we will solve the iPhone does not start and the logo remains.

Why does it happen that the iPhone does not start and stays on the Apple logo?

There are many reasons why a phone does not start, although it is very rare that it is permanent damage. The following may be some of the causes for this annoying problem:

Software failures

In most cases, an iPhone phone stays on the apple logo, it means that it has flaws in its software. Being more specific, most of the time it is a problem with the operating system files.

Fortunately, there are several measures to solve this problem without major complications. In fact, software problems and similar inconveniences are also capable of generating annoyances such as applications closing themselves on iPhone , a problem that can also be solved.

Using iPhone

A virus

Another fairly common cause is malicious software, in other words viruses. These types of programs look for vulnerabilities in our system and are capable of corrupting files, destroying them and little by little damage the stability of the system.

It is known that viruses are capable of destroying files of the operating system, essential documents for the correct start of the system. When this happens most of the time our cell phone does not start, in fact, the most damaging viruses make it even necessary to restore the iPhone to factory settings with or without iTunes , but this only happens in more delicate cases.

Physical damage

Although it is somewhat less common, for the phone to hang on the apple logo, it can be indicative of physical damage. In most cases this damage is present on the motherboard of the device, which is why it is difficult to solve.

In these cases, if your phone still has a warranty, it is best to go directly to an Apple office. In the event that the warranty has expired, we recommend taking it to a trusted technician specialized in this type of device. For example if  your iPhone is stuck or not responding . Although it can be caused by a software problem, it also responds on some occasions to physical damage and all this must be analyzed.

Apple logo

My iPhone won’t boot and stays on the Apple logo – Solution

We have already seen the most common reasons for this problem to appear, it is time to try to solve it. As we pointed out earlier, this problem can be due to many reasons, but the following measure can solve the problem.

Recovery mode

Recovery mode is intended exclusively for troubleshooting device startup problems or major failures. The average user can access this tool very easily. If you have problems like the one we are dealing with today, it could be very convenient to use this option.

Follow these steps to use the recovery mode of your iPhone:

  • The first thing you should do is connect your device to your computer, remember to have the iTunes application open before starting the process.
  • When your device is connected via the USB cable, it’s time to press the Power and Home Buttons at the same time . You must wait until the apple appears, when you see it on the screen you have to release the power button.
  • The iTunes logo will appear on your screen.
  • You will notice that an iTunes notice will appear on your PC , you must click on the update option. Follow the steps on the screen and wait for the procedure to finish.

After following these steps you should already have your iPhone cell phone in perfect working order. If, on the other hand, the problem continues, you could try putting an iPhone in DFU Mode or restoring an iPhone without iTunes , following this more complete guide.

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