How to Write Text Commands for Siri on My iPhone Easily

As you already know, there are so-called virtual assistants which offer users invaluable help. These can work with voice or written commands and are available on all mobile devices.

In the case of Android, it has its Ok Google assistant and in the case of iPhone it uses the Siri assistant. In the article we will tell you how to write text commands for Siri on my iPhone.

siri text commands

For users of the different versions of the iOS operating system , it is very practical to use the Siri assistant, especially if you have an iPad or iPhone. With which you can interact by entering text commands, through the virtual keyboard or through an external keyboard, in the case of iPad.

To be able to enter these written commands, instead of controlling your mobile with your voice , the customary Type to Siri is used so that we can receive the response from this versatile virtual assistant.

And you have no idea how useful this feature can be. Also that you may not be able to enter voice commands for technical reasons or simply entering written characters is more practical for you.

How to type text commands for Siri on my iPhone 

For any of the reasons you may have to use Siri through text entry, here we show you what you must do to activate this practical function. And what we are going to do to be able to write text commands, so that Siri recognizes them. This of course trying not to deactivate or remove this function on our mobile.

But you should know that it is necessary that you have the iOS 11 version at least, otherwise you cannot find this function on your iPhone. If so, then you will be able to activate the Type Siri function   on your smartphone and use it without any problem. Let’s see then the steps we must follow to enter commands written in Siri.

Step to activate text commands for Siri on my iPhone

The first thing we must do to activate the Type Siri function is to press the Setting application on the home screen of our iPhone. Several options will be displayed and from them we must select General. The next step is to click on the Accessibility option and here we can see the Siri assistant and select it.

We will go to another window where it will show us options of the assistant and there we will see the Type to Siri option. Next to it is a switch which we must activate and put in the ON position. Once these steps have been carried out, the function will be active on our mobile and we only have to exit the configuration window.

Now you must call the application with written commands, remember that you must first enter Siri, followed by the request you need. Whether it reminds you of the time to pick up the children from school or to know the time in Japan. Whatever you want to know or receive alerts, now you can do it but through written commands.

It is important that you know that despite having activated the Type Siri function that allows text entry. It is possible to continue using the voice commands that you used as usual, you just have to invoke Siri, but first you are going to press the microphone icon that is on the keyboard. And in this way you can convert the voice into text.

So to be able to use it you must say the command and then you must click on the Return key found on the keyboard. When you type your commands in the Type Siri wizard, don’t enter a lot of words. Try to be more specific without writing too much. For example if you want to know the time in Japan.

activate siri iphone commands

You should write time in Japan instead of what time will be in Japan ”this will save you a lot of time. As you have been able to realize, you can now use this useful tool, now entering written commands from your iPhone device.

We have reached the end with this practical tutorial that shows you the steps to follow so that you can write text commands for Siri on my iPhone.

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