How to turn off or force restart an iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to force a new phone to turn off, here we will show you the easiest ways to do it.

How to turn off or force restart an iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max

In certain cases it is convenient to force the shutdown or restart of our Apple devices. If you find yourself in a hurry, it is best to perform this procedure many times to get rid of some error or similar annoyance.

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Force shutdown of iPhone 11 through settings options

There are several ways to force a shutdown on an iPhone 11, each of which can be suitable for very different situations.

In this case, we consider that the shutdown through the configuration options is ideal for certain eventualities, on the other hand, for other circumstances it will be necessary to restore or restart an iPhone without pressing the home button , but it is recommended only in extreme cases. Therefore, if the information below is not functional, you can try the guide mentioned above.

Without further ado, follow these instructions to know how to turn off your mobile:

  • The first step is to go to the options, for this go to Settings and then look for the General option , click on that option.
  • Once you are in the General screen, you must go down to the bottom of the settings and look for an option called Shut down, it will be easy to locate since it is highlighted in blue.
  • When you press Power off, your phone’s shutdown screen will appear. To turn off the phone you must slide the button that appears at the top, do so by moving the option to the right side.
  • If it asks for a security code, enter it. After the previous point, your phone will start to turn off.

The most basic shutdown method

The button shutdown process might seem like a no-brainer on most cell phones, but in the case of iPhone 11, the situation is somewhat different. In the phones of this range it is necessary to know the shutdown procedure with physical buttons, here we will show you the process.

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Turn off iPhone 11 through the buttons

Another way we have to pay for new iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max devices is through the keys provided by the device. This process is much simpler than the previous one and can solve certain problems such as hanging on your device

  • To turn off your iPhone 11, just press the volume up or volume down button, in addition to the side button located on the left. You should press both buttons at the same time for a few seconds.
  • After this procedure the shutdown screen will appear . As with the previous method, you must slide the button at the top to the right.
  • Similarly, if you have a security code, you must enter it in order to turn off the device.

The above methods are very useful in the event that your phone hangs and does not respond, it is also valid for all those who want to save battery. Still, keep in mind that it might not work in the event that your iPhone reboots non-stop .

Forcing shutdown is a fairly simple process that in most cases usually fixes problems. Even so, if you see that your mobile failure reappears, the best thing to do is to make a backup or backup copy on your iPhone in iTunes or iCloud and take it directly to the company or to a specialized technician, since it could be a physical problem.

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