How to tell the difference between a fake Lightning cable from an original iPhone?

The Apple company   invents, creates and distributes modern and sophisticated electronic devices and software. The costs of the products of this company are a bit high, therefore, some small industries create similar products.

Depending on your budget, you can choose between buying an original product or purchasing a generic cable . In the market you will find many types of products.

Apple designs software and sells high-quality phones, computers, music players, headphones, tablets, cables, and smartwatches. Its products are expensive because manufactured with the best  materials  there efore market .

What is a Lightning cable?

A Lightning cable is one that powers and transfers data from Apple devices. This cable is used by iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

Apple had previously released a connector for its products that had thirty pins. Currently the connector that this company offers its customers is a Lightning connector which is smaller and has eight pins.

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A Lightning cable is very important, since it is usually a faithful companion of Apple electronic devices, therefore, it is important that you know the differences between a fake or imitation Lightning cable and an original one designed by iPhone.

How to tell the difference between a fake Lightning cable from an original iPhone?

It is important that before buying a Lightning cable you acquire the necessary knowledge to identify whether the product is original or not. There are features that will allow you to recognize whether the cable was created and embalmed by Apple or designed and released by those industries that mimic the original products.

When you go to a store, the first thing you should do is check if the cable and the products are packed in their original box. The Apple company will always design its boxes to perfection, they will always have a seal and an identifying logo that will say “Made for iPhone” and if we translate it into Spanish it means Made for iPhone.

Maybe you already have a cable at home, or they probably gave you or lent you one and you will most likely wonder if it is original or not. The first thing you will have to do to discover its originality will be:

Check if the cover has a reference engraving “Designed in California” or “Designed in Vietnam” and “Assembled in China” or “Assembled in Brazil”. It is very likely that the country of manufacture varied depending on the market so do not worry.

How to discover the originality of a Lightning connector?

To identify an original Lightning connector you will have to look at the end contacts with the Lightning connection. These contacts must be gold in color, their connection pins must end in a round point, they must appear to be a uniform body of a single completely flat piece and with a silver base.

A generic cable usually has rough contacts, with pins terminated at right angles with a bit of relief and a dull gray color in its structure. The measurement of a genuine connector will always default to a width of 7.7 mm and an altitude of 12 mm. If you notice that the connector you have does not have these measurements, it means that it is not entirely original.

Why are the contact pins gold colored?

The color of the contact pins is because they are gold-plated. Why does Apple use gold in its products? Apple uses gold in the manufacture of its products because gold is a material with a fairly high level of conductivity.

How to discover the originality of the USB connector of the Lightning cable?

To identify an original USB connector you must look at the two holes that are in the center of the connector, the interior of these must be gold-plated as well as the pins of the Lightning connector. Generic connectors look a bit worn.

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The base of the connector should have a completely uniform silver color and if you look at the connector from the front you will realize that it is original if the entrance of this is completely flat and without holes. In addition, the folds will be precise, they must be perfectly fitted and without cracks or reliefs in their structure.

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