How to Set iCloud Favorites on My iPhone Easily

The Apple world is very complex and you can request information or help, if there are problems with the iCloud platform through its website. But you can also receive simple tricks to apply through these tutorials. And know what you should do if you have problems with your iCloud Apple ID account and want to change it and this without losing your data.

How to set iClound favorites on my iPhone easily

You will always need to do a query on the system status page to see if you have any problems with iClound bookmarks. Also check if the list of favorites displayed on your device matches the list found in iClound. It is also possible that a different order is displayed and it is due to having a large quantity.

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On the website you can recover a favorite that you have accidentally deleted, in a period of no more than 30 days. To do this procedure, you just have to go to Settings and in the Advanced section, you must select the option Restore your favorite bookmarks.

Steps to set iClound favorites on my iPhone easily

The procedure that we will indicate below works in a similar way on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. It is important that before, you verify that the favorites are activated on your mobile phone. You should also check if you have the latest iOS update, if not, you should install it.

Remember that whenever you want to access your iClound favorites , you must log in with your Apple ID, the same one you use on all your devices. Check if you have access to iClound favorites from your mobile device. If not, check if the favorites option is activated and if not, activate it, then go to Settings and click on this option.

Then you must choose your name and finally iClound, in this way you must have an income and search the list of favorites. Depending on the number you contain, this can be very extensive and as we already mentioned, show you an order that does not correspond to the one seen through your iPhone.

It is important that you know that being a cloud storage service, you may have problems when synchronizing iClound and your mobile device. And this for connectivity reasons, due to a bad network signal or simply not connecting to the server. Always try to perform this procedure when you have a strong internet connection.

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In this simple way we have shown you one more trick, which you must know to be able to use the services offered by the Apple company .

There is no doubt that they have thought of everything, but your ignorance of these concepts is not your fault. And we will try to help you, as we did now by showing you what you should do to  set iClound favorites on my iPhone easily.

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