How to make calls from my iPad easily

For most of the people who acquire an Apple iPad they do so with the intention, in addition to enjoying its wonderful tools. They would like to use it to make calls, something that is totally possible, but there are certain limitations that we will tell you shortly. And we can tell you through this article, how to make calls from my iPad with a SIM card easily.

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In this tutorial we will teach you everything you need to know so that you can call from your iPad with SIM. But first you must know something important and that is that in order to do this, you must have an iPhone, otherwise it will be impossible.

Since it will be necessary that you have the SIM card inserted in the mobile and not in the iPad unless of course you have an iPad with cellular support.

And you will surely be wondering, how to do this if the SIM is inserted in the iPhone and the answer is simple, you will use the mobile as a bridge to make calls with the iPad. It seems to be all very confusing, but we guarantee that it is not like that and we will show you the solution. Making calls is as easy from iPad as texting .

How to make calls from my iPad with SIM card easily

Before starting the tutorial, we are going to make certain clarifications for you so that you can fully understand the process we are going to carry out. In principle, it is not possible to make calls from the iPad with the SIM card inserted, since Apple does not allow this action.

And those iPad with cellular support where it will be necessary to insert a SIM card in the iPad, can only use the data connection. So under no circumstances will it be possible to make phone calls or send text messages or network calls, through your iPad device.

But this impediment does not imply that we cannot apply a little trick, where we will use our iPhone mobile to call from the iPad but using the SIM card in the mobile.

But for this to work and you can make and receive voice calls, send and receive text messages, both devices must be close and connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi network. Another thing that is important is that you must access both devices through the same Apple ID.

Simple steps to make calls from my iPad with a SIM card

Now before starting, the iPad must meet some basic requirements, first the Wi-Fi connection must be enabled for the iPad, the same for the iPhone. If not, make sure to activate it on both devices. Second, you are going to sign in with your Apple ID on both devices, if you don’t have one, you must create an Apple ID account .

Third, you must activate the iPad call service through the iPhone, then you must go to your mobile and you must enter the iOS settings. A window will appear and in it you must choose Phone, then click on other devices. And here you are going to change to the Allow calls option and in the name of your iPad you are going to touch the lever and choose the Allow calls to option.

The next step is to go to the iPad and you are going to open the settings, select the Face Time option and activate it by turning it ON. You will do the same with the iPhone Calls option, once you have made these settings perfectly, you can now make calls. To do this, take your iPad and enter Face Time and here in this window you are going to press the (+) icon

ipad sim card

The next step is to enter the phone number or name of the person to call, if you have it in the directory. Then you must press the Audio button and if necessary also press the Call button and the call will begin. You realize how simple and easy it is and in a few minutes and some adjustments you have learned how to make calls from my iPad with a SIM card easily.

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