How to fix the problem of applications closing themselves on iPhone

For this reason, today we will teach you how to solve this common problem. In addition to knowing what is the cause of it; do not take off and keep reading.

Why the App that closes itself on iPhone?

The reasons why your applications are closed may vary . Today we will help you find the reason why this may happen, let’s see.

iphone showing applications

  • An unexpected behavior: Your mobile may be old, obsolete and simply already asking for a change for a new one. For example, if your iPhone won’t start and it gets stuck on the Apple logo .
  • You have a lack of RAM memory: As you have little space, your mobile may simply decide to close the open App to give priority to other more essential functions ; In this situation, it is better to fix the nearly full storage problem on your iPhone .
  • It can be a virus: Viruses categorized as “Trojans” or “worms” are the most common in iPhone mobiles, they may be included in some App and endanger your mobile, since their power is to deactivate other App, which causes them to close automatically.
  • Having many applications open: This will cause your mobile to be overloaded with information or functions, which causes the applications on it to close; the solution may be to close all or several applications at the same time on your iPhone .
  • It does not update correctly: Another reason why your applications can be closed is that you did not update your application correctly, which causes it to stop; A possible solution may be to update the App Store on iPhone to the latest version .
  • The data of the App is damaged: When downloading the App, the application may be damaged, which makes it not function correctly. It may be an update error, so check by downloading the same App if you see that it is still the same, we suggest you download another similar App.

How to fix the problem of applications closing themselves on iPhone?

Although iPhones are very sophisticated mobiles they may present these flaws, for that reason we will give you useful suggestions that will help you solve this problem, if when using them it remains the same, we suggest you go to an expert.

options menu in an iphone application

  • Restart your device.
  • Uninstall the application and reinstall it How? Well, you just have to keep your thumb pressing the App and an x ​​will appear. Proceed to press there and download the app again.
  • Update all your applications from the Play Store.
  • Clear the cache through the mobile settings, access applications, app, and then clear cache.

These are some practical suggestions, however if you notice that your device remains the same you will have to make a drastic decision; As a first option you must change your device or simply restore or completely format your mobile, in this way you can have a faster mobile with 0 failures.

For an effective improvement in your device, we recommend that you update and maintain it afterwards. This will allow you to have a better performance when using it, and not only that, but this way you will anticipate possible damage to your mobile.

We love being able to help you and we hope that this information has been very useful to you, leave us in the comments that you think about this post, and share with your loved ones.

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