How to fix iPhone Touch ID error if fingerprint doesn’t work?

Since the launch of the Iphone 5s, the fingerprint reader has been present in all Apple devices. Although it is a great unlocking system like Face ID , it can have flaws that become a big problem. Learn how to fix iPhone Touch ID error fast and easy.

Although the margin of error of the fingerprint reader in its second generation is negligible, being possible to even put more than one fingerprint on the Touch ID , it sometimes fails. When it happens you have the option to enter a manual password on your mobile. However, this does not provide the security and confidence that the fingerprint reader has.

Why does the Apple fingerprint reader fail?

There are a variety of reasons that can cause Touch ID to stop recognizing your fingerprint. The main reason is due to a change in it, such as a finger wound, cut or burn. It also often happens that your finger is dirty or wet and for this reason the reader does not work well.


fingerprint sensor does not work

Fix iPhone Touch ID error

Both Touch ID and Face ID are essential in terms of security issues, since it allows applications to be kept undamaged, such as activating or unblocking WhatsApp with FaceID & TouchID.

Whatever the flaw, there are methods to fix iPhone Touch ID error in a simple way, so there is nothing to worry about.

Make sure you use Touch ID correctly

It may seem very obvious, but you must make sure that you are placing your finger on the fingerprint reader correctly. Positioning the fingerprint over all the space provided for it and without applying pressure while the Touch ID does its work. If you use any lining for your mobile you must check that it leaves the space for the fingerprint reader completely free.


Make sure the screen unlock function of your iPhone with the fingerprint reader is activated. As well as unlocking iTunes and the App Store. 

Calibrate the fingerprint reader again

The most common and perhaps the most effective solution is to recalibrate the Touch ID. That is, delete all the fingerprints that you had stored on the device and add them again.

For this, you should start by cleaning the sensor with a soft, dry cloth. In the same way, you must have your fingers very clean to avoid any error when reading the fingerprint.

The next thing is to go to the phone settings and enter the “Touch ID and password” section. Once there you will have to erase the data of the fingerprints that you had stored and add them again following the steps indicated.

Force restart the computer

If the above method did not work you can restart your mobile in order to remove the cache and temporary data from the storage. To do this, you just have to press the Power button and the start button for a few seconds.

Complete iPhone restore

This is an even more radical method that you should only resort to after having put the aforementioned into practice.

Apple Support

If none of the previous solutions worked to solve the iPhone Touch ID error, the problem may be in the hardware of your mobile, so you would have to take it to a specialized technician to find a solution.

fix iPhone fingerprint sensor error

You can always unlock your mobile by entering the manual unlock code configured for these cases. This normally happens when you have just restarted your phone, if the Touch ID could not read your fingerprint 5 times in a row or if you do not unlock the phone for more than 48 hours.

Likewise, it is recommended to perform proper Touch ID maintenance on a regular basis. Calibrate it from time to time to optimize its operation, as well as to improve and maximize the security of the device.

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