How to fix iPhone problem when calls and notifications are not heard

Among its features we can mention that it has a 12 megapixel camera, Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi, to read emails, view Web pages, play music, send or receive text and voice messages.

For this year 2020 there are rumors that the company will launch the iPhone 12 in the Fall season;  although perhaps due to the global pandemic it will be delayed a few months; however, details regarding size, design, and hardware are already leaking out.

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What are the features of the latest iPhones?

  1. Dark Mode or Dark Mode: You can enable the dark mode of your iPhone to save battery . The idea of ​​Dark Mode is basically to reduce battery consumption, since dark tones require less energy, especially on OLED screens; In addition, it looks with a pleasant aesthetic change.
  2. Access to WiFi: You can access from the improved control panel, pressing Wi-fi or Bluetooth and it allows you to enter all the device’s menus.
  3. Portrait mode: These are improvements in the camera software, to increase the level of precision and naturalness of the photos ; in this way you can take portrait mode photographs on any iPhone , of people, animals or objects.
  4. Edit videos: You can edit a little more complex videos by adjusting the lights, lighting, shadows, rotation, among others.
  5. Messages and emoji: There are new animal figures and lots of options; allowing you to add and use hidden emojis on your iOS cell phone . There are even sticker emojis, which you can send in messages and even on WhatsApp.

What changes are expected of the new iPhone for the year 2020?

Since 2017 when the iPhone X came out, the models have hardly been renewed. One feature that users have liked is that the iPhone X can be configured for one-handed use . For this 2020, changes related to new materials, improvements in its screen, and in the compatibility with 5G networks are expected.

Telephony competitors such as Huawei or Samsung have already launched mobiles with this 5G technology, while Apple has waited until this year for this new connectivity to mature at a global level, as reported.

It is also rumored that the new iPhone 12 will have the camera integrated into the screen, the latter will be in the iPad Pro style updating it with greater speed, the size will also be modified; According to Ming-Chi Kuo the OLED models vary between 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

How to fix iPhone problem when no calls or notifications are heard?

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  1. Observe the mute function; if it is activated or not, if you verify that it is activated, simply press the button on the left side placing the mobile in front of you, and problem solved; check for sound
  2. Another important point is to check if there are headphones or earphones or wireless handsfree connected, because they also prevent hearing the sound.
  3. Check and clean the receiver, because it is the basic and main medium where the noises are executed; To do this, remove the screen protectors and the cover, then with a clean, dry brush with clean soft bristles, making slight movements.
  4. Update and restart your iPhone: Another reason why nothing would be heard; It may be because the software version is not updated and therefore it must be updated; If there is still no sound, there is the option to restart your computer.
  5. Send the equipment to be repaired : It means then that you have already carried out all the previous tests and you don’t know what else you can do; then think about this option, it is important that you make a backup; as a backup for all the material that the mobile contains, before taking it for repair.

To conclude, we have been able to observe that with patience and time you can verify various aspects easily and simply. In addition to solving the iPhone problem when calls or notifications are not heard; This way you will avoid annoyances and bad times with your mobile.

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