How to disable automatic brightness adjustment on an iPhone iOS – Quick and easy

How this functionality works on iPhone iOS

When using your iPhone you have surely noticed that from time to time it increases or decreases the brightness on the screen. What is this about? Well, this is a feat done by the Apple company imposed on the most recent iPhone phones they have produced.

This function is configured automatically so that when you are in spaces with greater exterior light, the screen of your iPhone decreases the brightness and in spaces with greater absence of light, the brightness of the screen increases.

This type of technology uses “ambient light sensors” to make automatic adjustments to the brightness of the screen and this in fact, helps both you and your phone suffer less, as it saves a lot of battery on your iPhone. We can also choose to enable the dark mode on iPhone so that we do not suffer so much with the brightness of the screen.

Now, the problem occurs when, these sensors may fail in one way or another and you have a dark or overly bright screen when you do not want or need it. Or maybe you have poor eyesight and need more or less amount of brightness on your screen.

Anyway, the reasons to take the brightness setting under your own hand depend on you, but what is certain is that you need to learn how to do it, so let’s go to the steps at once. Let’s see.

How to disable automatic brightness adjustment on an iPhone iOS

Well, depending on the iPhone, the access to deactivate this setting will vary. So below we will give you the ways to do it from the different iPhone that you may have.

Disable the brightness setting on an iPhone with iOS 11

If you have an iPhone with iOS 11, you may not have the slightest idea where the option to activate or deactivate automatic brightness is hidden. And it is that Apple has had its reasons to hide this option, since very few people deactivate this setting and in reality it serves to optimize the battery of the phone.

Well, to deactivate the automatic brightness adjustment in iOS 11 you must go to Phone settings> Accessibility> Display settings. In this last section you will find the Automatic brightness option which you must press to deactivate it and that will be it.

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Disable automatic brightness adjustment on iPhone 8 or earlier and iPhone X or later

To adjust the automatic brightness on an iPhone 8 or earlier, what you must do is with your finger slide up on the screen, from the bottom of the edge of your screen. When you do this, you will see a menu, with many icons, in which you must locate the sun icon, which is the brightness icon and when you drag this option up or down, you will adjust the brightness.

In case you have an iPhone X or later phone, you must go to the top right of the screen and swipe down. In this way, the same menu as with the previous explanation will be displayed. You must locate the sun icon again and adjust the brightness from there according to your preferences.

You can also go to the settings menu and from there look for the Screen and brightness section. Once there you can decrease or increase the brightness according to your needs and preferences.

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Now you will have full control over your iPhone! As you may have noticed, regardless of the iPhone you have, the way to disable the automatic brightness adjustment on iPhone iOS is quite easy and fast.

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