How to customize my iPhone’s Dock

iPhone comes with a default Dock that everyone gets when buying an iPhone device and that results in some boring moments so you can fully customize your iPhone at any time by entering the screen settings within the iOs device and it is valid for all versions of iPhone that are on the market today.

How to customize my Dock on iPhone?

Change the color and contrast of the Dock on iPhone.

  1. In order to modify options within iPhone we must enter the same device and thus enter the “Settings” option .
  2. Inside we will go to the “General” option and then there to “Accessibility”.
  3. Inside there we select the option “Increase contrast” and by confirming the option we can register the amount of contrast that our device will have.

In this way, when we enter the home screen again , we will see the changes we make within the contrast of the device and the color also change as it is the darkest aspect of it.

This will be to the liking of the user, who can manage the contrast of the panel as best it is for it and will greatly modify the appearance of our panels within the iPhone.

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How to make my Dock transparent on iPhone?

  1. To make our transparent dock work within the Apple device we must enter the website from our Safari browser within the iPhone.
  2. Within the Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper website we will find a variety of changes for our iPhone, we will look for the “Hide dock Wallpapers” button and we must enter it.
  3. You will see in the new page that you enter by clicking on the previous button and we will choose the panel model that interests us, in this case it could be transparent.
  4. When we click on the one we like the most and we will try to find the model of our iPhone and thus we will know if it is possible to use it on our device.
  5. Inside we will choose the Wallpaper that we like, we will make it occupy the entire screen and then click on “Share”.
  6. Then in “Save image ” and when entering our device we can modify the background image from the reel of images and placing it as a background image.
  7. There we can modify the size so that it occupies the entire wallpaper and also select if you need only your wallpaper to be used or you want to use the same lock image.

In this way we find the effect within our wallpaper that uses the famous gradient that already comes by default within iOs and generates the best of the effects on our device, you must try it.

With just a few steps we can make significant changes within the iPhone operating system and achieve effects that will change the appearance of our mobile device. You can also achieve an ideal customization with the best launchers for your iPhone.

You should always make sure to make modifications that do not entail having to download suspicious applications that may contain a virus inside, especially if we download it from websites, they must first look for information about said application.

If you are not satisfied you can easily  hide or remove the Dock of your iPhone , and thus restore your mobile as before, or simply have both options available according to your tastes or preferences of the moment when using your iPhone.

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