How to correctly use the compass of my iPhone cell phone step by step

The phones have a lot of what we do day after day provided, as these devices are those that have made call to the process of communicating as something ‘simple’, and not the contrary. With a mobile we can be connected with who we want, when we want and how we want through the most used social networks in 2020 , which makes it a very useful piece of technology in modern society.

Of course, the need for a mobile phone can change from culture to culture, but it is impossible not to accept that it is very useful for each person who uses it. And, this is not only limited to the calls that a user makes to another person, but also the access that one has to all the information on the internet, the opportunity to write text messages and even take professional photos and record incredible videos.

Actually, there are many that can be done with a mobile and year after year much more can be done, which is thanks to their manufacturers who always try to improve themselves. In such a competitive market, it is totally natural to seek excellence and the particularity of a brand’s products, to the point that they can be easily differentiated, characterizing and differentiating themselves between different ranges .

This can be achieved in a number of ways either through a special operating system or attractive specifications; but also with specific characteristics. When we talk about these additions to a mobile, we talk about all the applications that you can use to make the user experience much more enjoyable.

In fact, iPhone has been able to identify this very special feature in a mobile and has managed to add lots of extra aspects to its iPhone, as can be seen in its compass application, about which we will talk to you next.

iphone compass function

The basics

It seems hard to believe, but when you have an iPhone in your hand you realize everything that it brings, not only in terms of speed, but in terms of the applications that can be used or downloaded only on these phones.

In and of itself, each iPhone comes with loads of different applications out of the box, and each one is more attractive than the last, as can be the compass.

Every iPhone, since the 3GS, has a built-in compass, and it is not just something to pretend or simply to impress, since it is a real compass, which works exactly like a real one due to several magnetic sensors that the same mobile has.

This app can be easily found among the list of applications that you see at the beginning, when you access it you can see how it points north, south, east, west, and each direction between the four cardinal points.

However, it is recommended that it be used when wearing headphones, including AirPods, as they can cause interference from the magnets in the headphones .

beach mobile compass

Using the compass

You can use the compass of an iPhone just by opening the app and using it as you would use a real one, but you can also integrate it with other applications, such as maps for navigation by car or on foot.

However, keep in mind that it is not recommended since Maps is often not 100% correct in terms of distances, and the same compass can be distracting to a driver.

However, if you want the compass to appear in Maps, you must go directly to ‘Settings’ within your iPhone, and there look for the option of ‘Maps’, so enter it and then in ‘ Driving and navigation ‘ within from where you can activate the compass with the option of the same name in ‘ Show in navigation ‘.

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