How to clear my iPhone’s memory from junk files – fast and easy

Mobile devices are computers that have helped us to perform tasks that were complex before, in a very easy way. Over the years these devices have been updated and perfected.

In this way, a deeper closeness with common users has been achieved , becoming an indispensable tool. Thanks to mobile devices we can be in contact with other people and access all available information.

Currently there are many companies that focus on developing mobile devices, they are constantly developing, in order to be better and better. One of the most used today by common users are Apple devices.

Founded in 1976, Apple has been characterized by being a visionary company, offering increasingly better equipment and more advanced tools. Among which we can find iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac.

Why is it necessary to delete junk files from my iPhone?

IPhone cleaning

The iPhone is the smartphone that the Apple company develops, the success of these Smartphones is surprising. The company has even developed its own operating system, called iOS.

From time to time they offer us new updates to their operating system, with more advanced features and functions. In the same way, the latest equipment that the Apple company has developed, come with large storage capacity.

This is a product that the programs and applications that are currently being developed are more advanced and functional. Which means that they are much heavier files, so larger storage memories are needed.

In many cases the memory that our iPhones bring is not enough, so we will need to free up space on our device. In most cases, the same device warns us that the storage capacity that we have available is very little.

If this is our case or we have exhausted all the space we had available, we must find a way to free memory. One of the most practical ways is to eliminate the heaviest programs, but it is not what we really want.

Every time we download files or visit a page, information is stored in the memory of our device. This is called junk files, which take up unnecessary space, which can be used for something else.

There are many methods that we can use to delete these files on our iPhone. In this article, we will learn which is the simplest method with which we can clean my iPhone’s memory of junk files.

Steps to clear my iPhone’s memory from junk files

If we want to eliminate space on our iPhones, one of the most recommended ways is by eliminating junk files. There is a very easy method with which we can completely clean our device from these files.

This method is known as the movie trick, which consists of trying to rent or buy a movie, without having to buy it. To carry out this method we must first make sure of the storage capacity we have available.

To see the storage of our iPhone we must open the “Settings” tool , then select the “General” option . Next, we must go down until we find the option “Storage and iCloud”, we select it.

In this way, we can observe the available memory that we have on our iPhone. Now, we can do the procedure to clean the memory of our iPhone from junk files.

The first thing we must do is enter the store of our iPhone this has the name of iTunes Store.

ITunes Store logo

Next, we go to the “Movies” section and look for a movie. The movie we choose must have more space than is available on our device.

We must click on the “Buy” option , a loading process will begin, we must be patient, since the process is a bit slow. A message will appear indicating that there is not enough space, click on “Ok” and that’s it.

Finally, we hope that this article has helped you. However, we’d like to hear your opinion. ‘Have you been able to clean your iPhone’s memory of junk files? Do you know of another method to perform this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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