How to block a phone number on your iphone, windows phone or android mobile? Step by step guide

Are you one of those who daily receives calls from unknown numbers or annoying people? Surely many times it has happened to you that you receive calls from commercial lines offering you any number of products or services, or perhaps from someone who wants to communicate with someone other than you, which in many cases is annoying. If you want to find the solution to this, we have the answer.

Fortunately, with the technological advances in the Smartphone, this has ceased to be a problem, since now they offer you the possibility of doing it with any number from the different operating systems and from the options that they have incorporated. With this you can block and divert those unwanted calls, you can even keep them restricted for as long as you want.

To get rid of those annoying calls we have brought this tutorial where we will teach you how you can do it from Android, iPhone, Windows Phone Mobile and landlines. In addition you will discover how you can unlock if in the future want to have contact.

Steps to block a phone number from being able to call you

You can do this type of process from your own mobile without having to download third-party applications, to achieve them in this section we will explain how you can do it on Android phones, Windows Phone, iPhone and landlines.

Lock on my iPhone mobile

If your mobile device runs on iOS have to know that this process can easily, so you can filter out everything you do not want and molest you and while using your computer. On iPhone you have the option to do it from the settings tab.

  • Enter the “Settings” tab of your mobile device.
  • Go to the “Telephone” section.
  • Enter the option  “Blocking and caller ID”, to be able to delete or add contacts you want and block calls from certain phone numbers.

  • Once you have located the person you want to block, you must click on “Block contact”, in this way all those calls made to you will go to your mailbox.

Restrict on Android devices

If you have an Android mobile device, it is essential that you know that depending on the brand you own, you will have the option of doing it in different ways, because each manufacturing company designs it as they want.

Although, in general it is always the same process and despite the fact that they are written in different ways, you can easily identify them.  Here’s a standard way of how you can do it.

  • Go to the “Telephone” application of your mobile device and access the “Call log”.
  • Now it will be up to you to choose the contact number you want to block and press a small menu or icon with three dots.

  • In this you must select  “Settings” followed by  Add to the rejected list” to place each number you want and be able to restrict them.

  • You can also do it from your mobile settings by accessing  “Settings”> “Call settings”> “All calls”.
  • In the next window,  Automatic rejection” you will have to activate this option and manage a  list of numbers  to whom you want to reject the call automatically. You can do it with the numbers in your phonebook or with strangers.
  • To do this you must select  “Add to the list of blocked numbers” and enter each number you want to restrict.

Do not allow on Windows Phone

If you want to carry out the process to be able to restrict everything that you don’t want to bother you, in this type of operating system you will have to go to the part where the settings tab of your mobile is located so that you can do it. You will see that you will be able to do it in a simple way.

  • This time you will have to access the “Settings or configurations” tab of your mobile device.
  • Then you must go to the “Applications” option and enter it.
  • There you will have to access the “Telephone” option and activate the choice of “Block numbers” . From this part you can add the number of phones you want and in this way divert all those unwanted calls.

In specific numbers

Now we will explain how you can perform these steps but this time from specific numbers that you have on your cell phone.

  • You will have to access the call list found on your mobile device.
  • Press and hold the number to block.
  • Once this is done, a tab called “Block” will appear where you can add all those numbers that you want to cut off.

Hidden number blocking

In this section we will provide you with how you can do this from the options menu of your mobile device, but this time from the Windows Phone operating system.

  • To execute this you have to access the “Blocking options” window on your mobile device.
  • Then it will be up to you to go to “Advanced”.
  • This will open a “Block Unknown Numbers” tab , where you will have the option to add them.

Is it possible to block calls and numbers from my landline phone?

Although many of the landline telephone operators manage to do this, you have to bear in mind that in order to carry out this process you will have to contact your telephone service provider. This time you will have the option to select to block specific numbers as well as unknown ones.

Block specific numbers on landline

This option will allow you to do it in two ways, one of them is to do it with specific numbers, in this case you must call a service provider and activate the call restriction.

  • You must make a call to your service provider to activate call restriction .
  • Then you will have to press on your fixed telephone equipment, for example, * 60 (depending on your case) so that you can activate this service.

  • You will see a recorded message from an operator where you can find out which phones are blocked.
  • To add another, you must select the respective option and add a phone that you want to block. It should be noted that there will be a recorded operator who will tell you how you can do it.
  • Depending on the provider of your phone line, you can delete a number that you no longer want to have blocked.
  • After doing all the previous steps you can hang up the call and you will have registered or deleted the numbers you want on your landline phone.

Block anonymous calls on landline phone

Just as you have the option mentioned above where you can block specific numbers, you also have the opportunity to do it with all those anonymous numbers. Here we explain how you should do it.

  • You must dial * 77 (as the case may be), in order to activate the restriction of anonymous numbers. This is only if you have a caller ID.
  • If for some reason you no longer want to block them, then you will have to dial * 87 and thus cancel the function.

And what steps do I follow if I want to unblock that same mobile number?

If for any reason you no longer want to have certain numbers restricted for whatever reasons. In this section we will explain how you can unblock them whenever you want, so that you can once again have access to all those contacts.

These steps will allow you to do it from Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems:

  • You must go to the “Phone” tab found on your computer.
  • Then you have to press on it and access “Options or settings”.

  • Enter the “Voice call” option .

  • Once you have done the previous steps, go to “Blocked numbers “,  there will appear all those numbers that you had already blocked.
  • Find the contact that you previously restricted and press “Delete.”
  • To finish you will have to click on the “Unblock”  option and that’s it.

In this way you managed to know what all those steps are so that you can block all the numbers that bother you and do not let your experience using your mobile device be really effective. For this reason we provide you with the different ways to do it by using different operating systems such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and landlines.

In this way, you can use the one that is most useful to you according to the Smartphone you have. If for some reason you no longer want to have certain contacts with access to restricted calls, you still have the option of being able to go back and delete what you had already done before.

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