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Not just in the malware department , but also who can access your device. Over time, we have gone through the ability to enter numeric keys, to enter patterns, and now with fingerprints.

Many people have chosen to use the security system through fingerprints , and in fact, it has proven to be an extremely reliable option against intruders that we may have wanting to enter our device.

But many others have wanted to opt for a much simpler and faster option, which is facial recognition. Facial recognition, allows through the front camera, to be recognized by unlocking the device. However, this method has not been fully perfected due to today’s artificial intelligence for facial recognition.

Many devices warn before use that it is not entirely reliable, and that a person with similar features to yours can unlock the device.

However, many people have wanted to use this method, since just by putting your face in front of the mobile it is possible to unlock it. It’s a useful feature for those fast and busy people, but not too secure. Even so, this has not prevented the service from being used by Apple on its latest iPhones.

So if you have one, you might want to use it. Although, a confusion has arisen around it, about whether another person can be added to your Face ID or not. See below how to do it.

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Adding people to your Face ID

It’s true, using a fingerprint is extremely safe when accessing your locked device. And, you can even have certain exclusivity by being able to add the fingerprints of other people so that they can access your device if you need it. And, this is something that has been sought to have with the iPhone Face ID.

Face ID is the name of the facial recognition system that iPhone has had since iOS 11. It has been useful, but just as unpredictable in results as the other facial recognitions. But, if what you want is to use it, then you have all the freedom to do so, either with applications such as WhatsApp or for mobile phones in general.

Although, keep in mind that, as such, it is not possible to configure a new face in Face ID, as you could do it through fingerprints. As such, what you do is add a “New Look “.

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Adding a new look to your Face ID

The option to add “New Look” was created so that you can add a look very different from yours. Maybe you wear makeup on weekends, or you tend to use very different haircuts, which is why this option was created.

But, you can take advantage of it to be able to add the face of another person. And, in order to do so, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Start by entering the Settings of your iPhone. In the main list of Settings, if you go down enough, you can find the section “Face ID and Code “. Enter this.
  • You will be asked to enter your security code, so that not just anyone can enter a new aspect. Enter it.
  • Next, select the option to “Set up an alternate look.
  • Now you will be shown several instructions on the screen that you have to follow in order to add this new look, or new face. Follow them and you can have someone else who can unlock your mobile through Face ID.

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