How can I easily split the iPad screen?

In the mobile hardware arena, the ability to multitask is the fine line between hobbyists and professionals.

Today, as the size of the screens grows, as well as their resolution, the option of doing two or more operations in parallel at the same time is essential for productivity. The resolved split screen mode necessary for many, because it makes it possible to open two or more tabs and work more comfortably and efficiently.

How can I split the iPad screen?

Using iPadOS you can use split screen to manage two or more applications in parallel. So, for example, you can interact through email messaging, while enjoying a video or browsing between applications without having to leave any of them.

This is a process similar to dividing the screen of your iPhone or dividing the screen of any cell phone into two mobiles at the same time. As you will see, it is not something exclusive to iPad or Apple.

Interacting in split screen is not a complicated task, however, the first thing you should do is configure the device: below, we explain how I can divide the screen of the iPad.

The nerve center of all multitasking functions is the Dock. The Dock contains all the possible applications to be opened. So the first thing is to make sure to configure the iPad or iPhone by following the steps: “Settings > Home screen> Dock> Multitasking

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What is the Dock?

The Dock is a graphical interface element in computing that offers users the ability to start, change, and track or monitor applications. When activating the Dock you can open and switch between applications immediately doing it from the start app. Likewise, you will be able to modify the left compartment of the Dock with your most used and frequent applications.

While the most recent applications will appear on the right side of the Dock, as well as those that are open on the iPhone or Mac. You will find the Dock at the bottom of the home screen

When you multitask and have two or more applications open, you can drag and drop content between them, for example, photos, texts, files, etc., these are all advantages that you achieve by being able to divide the screen of the iPad or Mac.

With the Picture in Picture application, you can display videos in a window while completing other activities such as checking your social networks or reading email. This is another of the advantages that the split screen offers you.

Advantages of split screen

To begin, it must be clear which apps will be used on the split screen. Therefore, it is essential to be organized and have selected the applications that will go to the Dock.

You can use the right side of the screen for the latest apps and the left side for the Dock. When starting the split screen mode, its size can be configured between 25 × 25 or 50 × 50, this allows you more or less comfort to interact between screens.

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Selecting the application in a Dock also allows you to move the second app and swap positions between them. When you start the first application you will be able to see that it allows you to place it on any of the screens, you decide according to your convenience.

The tool offers you the option to temporarily undo an application from the dock, just by clicking on the gray bar, you drag the selected document to close and close it momentarily,

If you want to use the document again, you display them using the same bar. In this way we show you in these brief lines how to divide the iPad screen, and enter the world of multitasking.

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