What is the difference between an original or a generic battery in Samsung?

At present, with the mobile technological advance in full swing, companies have produced various types of telephone parts and different brands, both original and so-called copies or generic, such is the case of telephone batteries, especially Samsung.

However, since telephone batteries play an essential role for the operation of mobile devices, it is convenient that we can identify when purchasing a Samsung telephone battery if we are in the presence of an original or generic battery.

Currently there are several ways to know if the battery we are about to buy is really the authentic one and not a copy, now is the time to put aside those headaches, here we will give you some practical tricks so that you can know the originality of your Samsung battery.

difference between original samsung and generic batteries

Difference between an original battery and a generic Samsung

Our phone is a fundamental piece in our daily activities, but when we have to buy its battery we always wonder if what they are offering us is really the original or is it simply a generic one?, So we will give you these tricks that will help :

  • Observe in detail the characteristics in terms of their color, label paper that is well attached to the surface of the stack, the letters, everything counts and when looking for a difference.
  • See if within its specifications on the label they mention the NFT antenna, if you notice that you have no reference to it, then surely the battery is a Samsung copy.
  • Investigate the prices, of course generic batteries are cheaper, among many reasons for its ease of acquiring them.
  • Generic batteries have a shorter charging time in terms of use than original ones. Which makes you have to charge them more than once a day .
  • The useful life of a Samsung battery is much higher (years) than the generic one (months).
  • At the time of purchase, specify that it comes in a sealed box, with its respective Samsung brand identification and not in a bag or without any type of security.
  • Be very observant and take your time to detail that the letters of the labels are written well, that you can read them clearly and that it is noticeable that their printing and design are sharp, in general, generic batteries have much thinner letters, the sharpness of the ink in the writing so it is erased in a short time.
  • It should also be detailed that the battery does not have bulging or any type of irregularity on its surface.
  • A good option is to compare the original battery that you are going to change with the one that you are about to buy, there you can more accurately compare all the advice that we have given you.

Why not use batteries other than your Samsung brand?

It is essential that as far as possible, you make an effort and buy the Original battery of the Samsung brand, so you can extend the useful life of your battery for much longer and also avoid inconveniences or that the battery explodes, which lead us to explain the point that follows.

change battery to a samsung phone

Disadvantage of using generic batteries and not the Samsung?

One of the disadvantages is that the phone turns off all the time, that the charge does not last and you have to calibrate or save battery , that it sulfate and damages your phone, that it causes your phone to overheat due to the problems attributed to the voltage.

However, in many cases the generic battery or batteries bring bad charging pins that end up either by not charging the phone or by overheating them that can, in many cases, cause your phone or battery to explode .

It is also likely that the generic battery will expire or bulge quickly and you will have to change it in a short time, in addition these generic batteries do not have a warranty. Remember that cheap is often expensive. However, this is not always the case, sometimes it is played with luck and it is possible to obtain a generic stack.

It is a matter of luck, but the best thing is not to risk it and to the extent that you can only buy the original Samsung battery.

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