What are the best free music players for Samsung Android phones?

What basic elements should an Android music player have?

  • It must have extensive customization options that allow adjustments, a music player with equalizer and visual effects , that playlists can be made and that it has the means to edit the labels of the songs; that is, the cover, the name of the author, among others.
  • It should not only play MP3 music on the device but with other audio formats, such as: WAV, AIFF, AU, WMA, FLAC, among others; an important aspect is to check the number of kilobits per second to obtain a better sound quality.

Guide to Using Samsung Music Music Player

music player on Android mobile

The original player of these mobiles is very easy to use, but if you have not configured it yet, we will explain it to you below:

  • Go to the home screen and look for the music player icon, now click on it.
  • Then you select the category you want at the top, or choose the song from the audio folders so that they automatically start playing.
  • Once the playback begins, you will have several to control the songs, such as pause, continue, arrows to listen to the next or previous one, randomly, repeat any of them, adjust the volume and sound quality.
  • Finally click OK to save everything.

What are the best free music players for Samsung Android phones?

music player google play music

As already mentioned, there are certain users who want to use other music players different from the one originally brought by their Samsung mobile, then we will mention some alternatives:

  • Double Twist music player : it is free, it tolerates almost any musical genre, it brings an optional alarm to integrate into the application, despite being free, there are certain functions that must be purchased; If you are interested, you can download it at:
  • Equalizer Music Player Booster : a very colorful equalizer to select tracks and play them later, it supports all musical modes and at the same time it is a player that works for both mobile and tablet devices; downloaded at:
  • Google Play Music : it has very good quality functions, where users, once they have downloaded the music, can be transmitted everywhere, it is also compatible with all musical genres; to download at:
  • JetAudio Music Player : it brings a good amount of functions including a 20-band equalizer and programs to improve the sound, it is compatible with all types of musical classes; to download at:
  • N7Player Music Player : it is available for free but also in its Premium version with of course additional functions, it supports all musical genres as well as a good number of formats; downloaded at:
  • Poweramp Music Player : presents a high level to make adjustments, an Open GL album, 10-band equalizer, to edit the labels, among others, it is also compatible with all musical groups; to download at:
  • We also find the Neutron Music Player, the Player Pro, the Rocket and the Shuttle +.

Finally, we can see that we have different free music players for Samsung Android phones, that each user will choose, you can also find out which are the best players without ads , since life without music would be very simple and without color or flavor and we don’t want interruptions when listening to it; Therefore, mobile phones today are perfect instruments to listen to the songs you want and when you want.

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