Solution: My Samsung Galaxy M10, M20, M30 device reboots and freezes or on logo

Today we will consider a drawback, which has been presenting itself to us lately in Samsung models. It restarts or freezes on the logo, devices like Galaxy M10, M20, M30. Due to its frequency, many experts in the field found the solution. Today we will present it to you, as always, in clear and simple language.

Possible reasons for the problem

  • When the cell phone updates the system, it automatically restarts and stays on the brand’s logo. And it usually takes a significant amount of time to install the applications again and update files. So we advise, be patient and wait at least 3 hours.
  • Another recurring reason is that the system update has gone wrong.
  • It is possible that malware was downloaded outside of the Play store. So we suggest to be alert from the beginning, to detect malicious applications in time.
  • Another very common one is that the application presents failures when executing.
  • One reason many users have taken risks is by customizing their software. Using methods like flashing a new ROM or rooting your Samsung Galaxy device .
  • The memory is malfunctioning.

Samsung cell phones where the power button is displayed

With all these mitigating factors in mind, we can evaluate and determine the correct way to effectively resolve the issue. Next, we recommend a first solution that has been effective and a great relief for many users.

The first thing you should do to solve the problem of your Samsung mobile

  • In these cases, using the Hard Reset on Samsung equipment has given good results . Press the “volume up” button, the “Home” button (in Samsung cell phones, it is the key that is located down in the center) and the “Power” button simultaneously.
  • You will then enter the Hard Reset screen. To navigate in this system we will only use the “Volume” and “On” buttons , select and activate the option “wipe data Factory reset”.
  • The mobile will start to reset and we wait for it to enter the Android system. In most cases the problem is solved. Otherwise, here we explain the other way to solve it.
  • This method will be done with the help of your computer or laptop. You will download 2 programs. The software that contains the drivers that will allow the PC to recognize your mobile via USB. And download the official “Firmware” of the Samsung company, according to the model of your equipment.
  • We connect your cell phone to the computer. We recommend that you use the original Samsung cable, to avoid future inconvenience.
  • We try to turn off the cell phone using the following buttons: “Power” and “Volume -“, we hold it until the device turns off. When it turns off, we immediately release the “Power” button and press the “Volume +” key.
  • You will enter a screen that says “Warning”. And we press the “Volume +” again. It will present the status of “Downloading”.
  • We go to the computer. We first execute the Samsung drivers program , for the recognition of the mobile USB. The computer restarts.
  • Then with the help of the ZIP we extract the “Firmware” files .

Running the Official Samsung Software

  • We run the official Samsung Software, Odin3. A small window will appear and we click accept.

Samsung's official program according to the model

  • Once the program is open, we will notice a blue bar or stripe in process, indicating that the software has recognized the device.
  • On the right side of the program you will see 5 buttons. Your mission will be to download the file corresponding to the first 4 buttons. The last button we will not touch.
  • Example. We press the BL button. The “Open” window will appear . There we go to the folder where we download the “Firmware”. And we select the file that starts with BL. And we click “Open”. If the file is loaded into the space corresponding to the BL button, repeat the operation on the following buttons.
  • At this stage make sure the cable is not disconnected. And press the “Start” button .
  • The software files will automatically start to load. The process can take about 5 minutes.

From now on we disconnect the mobile, and wait for the software to load and restart. The equipment will be like new. Totally like an original device and you will have eliminated the problem of freezing on the logo. We hope this information has been useful to you. You can leave us your comments.

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