How to use the timer and stopwatch on Huawei Android cell phones?

Although, it is possible that some users are not very familiar with them, since a while ago, certain devices did not include them.

Now, to learn how to use them, it will be enough to have a Huawei cell phone whose operating system is Android, and follow the following guide.

Activate the timer

To begin, you will have your smartphone turned on and you will look for the icon corresponding to the “ Clock ” App , it can be from the main menu or from the notification bar.

Using this tool is quite common, from setting a timer on Snapchat to take photos or even setting a timer to turn off Windows 10.

If the last case is chosen, all you have to do is press on the time to expose the alarm window, which is the main screen of the tool.

Next, you will see a top panel whose options are presented in the form of tabs. Of all these, the last one, called “Timer “, will be chosen.

Then, the view will change to the section that we have chosen, and where there will be a kind of clock, but with the digits at zero (00:00:00).

Now, the first thing to do is set the time you want the timer or the countdown to last, for which it is set by the mentioned clock.

In general, the way to do it is by sliding up or down the sector corresponding to the hour, minute or second with the number you want.

mobile stopwatch

After setting the time to be met, the timer can be started. Below it, there will be a “Play ” button in the middle where it should be pressed.

Also, in some versions it can be presented as a button with the title “Start “, “Activate “, “Start ” or “Start “, or some similar oreo.

Finally, when the time is up, it will sound and the screen will be activated as if it were an alarm, where one more minute can be added to the timer or deactivated.

And in this way, the first task of this tutorial will have been fulfilled to learn how to use the timer and stopwatch on Huawei with Android.

Set up

On the other hand, before starting the time, the equipment allows you to adjust the sound through which it will be notified that the deadline has been met.

This is done from the same window as the “Clock ” and in “Timer “, the time is set, and the “Settings ” button or gear icon is located .

It will usually be found in the lower right part of the screen and, by pressing on it, we will find the general settings of the entire application.

So you will have to look for the “Timer ” section and the “Tone ” option , then choose the desired one from the system or stored music.

To finish, click on the check mark in the upper right corner to save the changes, and the time can be started.

huaweii device on orange background

The stopwatch

Like the previous tool, it is located within the “ Clock ” App , but this time, in the options tabs, the one labeled “ Chronometer ” will be chosen.

The result will be a window with a clock in the center, but this does not adjust, since its function is to start a regular count and not a countdown.

Then, to put it to work, you simply have to click on the button “Play “, “Start “, “Start ” or the one that the equipment has.

This will start the count. It can be stopped through the button that indicates it, in case it is necessary to pause and then continue.

Whereas, if what you want is to end its use, it will be enough to locate the element destined to reset it to zero, and this can be a circular arrow or a “Reset ” button .

As seen, using the timer and stopwatch on Huawei is very simple, and the best thing is that you do not need an eternal application.

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