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It retains other characteristics that serve to measure performance, such as data usage or space and cleanliness analysis.

This is, without a doubt, a full-fledged application, in addition, it strangely incorporates a virus analysis function. The truth is that it is very well worked, and from the user community it has received quite good reviews regarding its use.

How to perform a scan on Huawei free antivirus

Performing an analysis through the application is simple, you just have to find the program icon remembering that it comes from the factory in the Huawei.

It is represented by having an engraving in the shape of a white shield on a light blue background, and it will be called “Manager ” if it is in Spanish, or “Optimiser ” if it is English.

Thus, pressing it will open the application showing all the tools that it has and that the user can take advantage of.

Moving from left to right, the last button in the bottom row at the bottom will say something like “ Scan now ” or “ Scan for viruses ”.

This is the command to press to perform a system scan for a malicious virus that may be infecting your computer.

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Clicking on that option will use Huawei’s free antivirus which will begin a scanning process.

When finished, as expected, it will indicate if the device is infected and what options the user can take.

While if you do not have one at all, the application icon will be displayed in green saying that the cell phone is protected. This program is among the best antivirus for Android to protect the mobile.

Why does Huawei need to incorporate an antivirus?

There is a lot of controversy regarding the use of antivirus on smartphones, due to the insurmountable structure that they have.

Therefore, the existence of malicious software in them was null or scarce, despite the fact that it has long been proven that there may be viruses for Android.

However, the ones that do exist are hard to catch and deadly enough to do something about at times.

This does not mean that they do not fulfill their function, in fact, there are a few with a simple structure that can be easily controlled by a mobile antivirus.

So why is there a free antivirus from Huawei? It’s simple, there are other ways to infect a phone that have nothing to do with Malware.

That said, many individuals are engaged in “fishing ” information from other people to market it or take important data such as passwords and so on.

This is where the antivirus make their entry and prevent this from happening. And knowing Huawei’s ever need to develop complete equipment, it comes as no surprise.

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Since, one of the things in which a user decides the least is in optimizers and antivirus, and incorporating an App that enjoys both is perfect.

Other manager or optimizer functions

This application not only works as Huawei’s free antivirus, it also has other equally useful functionalities, such as file cleaning.

Which allows you to analyze the equipment for junk or repeated content, as well as caches and other elements that fill the memory of the equipment.

In addition, it includes a filter for mobile data and incoming calls, where modifications can be made to suit the user.

It also has a section for floating notifications, and finally one for controlling battery use, which contains settings related to the element.

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