How to unlock a Samsung cell phone if I forget the password or pattern?

Both methods are extremely simple to perform and best of all, you can do it quickly. With one of them you will need to have access to the Google account linked to your Samsung device and with the other you must have a backup copy on an SD and SIM card.

Having said all this, we are going to begin to explain better what each of them is about.

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How to unlock my Samsung if I forgot my unlock password or pattern

If you are trying to unlock your Samsung device and you can’t, remember that after five unsuccessful attempts you will have to wait 30 seconds to try to unlock it again.

Many users tend to use invisible patterns to protect their phones, although sometimes these patterns make it difficult to unlock the phone.

But what if we really forgot our password or unlock pattern? You can use another method to enter. As we mentioned at the beginning, for this procedure you will need to have access to your Google account linked to your Samsung.

With the screen on and locked, tap on Forgot pattern / password? This option can be viewed in the center at the bottom of the device.

If you have a backup PIN, click on backup PIN and enter it to unlock your mobile.

If you click on forgot pattern / password? You must enter the Google email address associated with your account and the password in the field below. When you have completed them, click on Login.

The legend Verifying account appears . Wait a few moments for the process to finish. When you have finished your Samsung cell phone will have been unlocked and you can use it normally.

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Second method to unlock my Samsung phone if I forgot the password or pattern

We recommend this method only if the first one did not work. Well, what we will do here is reset your device. With that, all data stored inside will be lost, including accounts, files and data.

As we mentioned at the beginning, if you had a backup on your SD and SIM card you can do it without fear of losing anything, because the data stored on both cards will not be lost.

To get started, turn off your device. Remove the SIM and SD card. Press the on / off and Volume (-) keys together and for a few seconds .

On some Samsung devices you must also press the home key or the Bixby and Volume (+) key.

Wait a few moments until the Android icon appears and the screen goes from blue to black. From now on we are going to use the Volume (+) and Volume (-) keys to slide through the options and the power button to accept or access.

Find wipe data / Factory reset and select it. In the next menu choose Yes. On some Samsung devices like the J series they tend to be different and you will have a third and final menu. If this is your case, you must select Reboot system now.

Finally press the on / off key to restart your device. Wait a few moments for the resetting process to finish.

Your device will be unlocked, and will have the original Google account of the device, you will only have to enter with your account data such as email and your password in order to carry out all the personal settings that you had on your mobile device .

When you have completed this process of re-entering your mobile, turn off your device again. Put the SD and SIM cards to restore all the data you lost when resetting it and voila, you can use it normally.

As you can see, it is very simple to be able to unlock a Samsung cell phone if you forget the password or pattern.

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