How to transfer my contacts from one cell phone to another on Android | Import and export

If your answers to those questions have been, NO, don’t worry, because today we will explain how you can transfer your contacts from one cell phone to another in ANDROID. You will realize that it is extremely easy and practical and the best thing is that you will not waste time by copying the contacts manually on your cell phone.

Synchronize your contacts on Android with those of your Google account

It is one of the simplest and most common ways that exist because almost always your calendar is synchronized with your account. In such a way, you may not have to do anything, but it is always good to verify that the configuration is correct and that it is synchronized.

In some cases, the contacts are saved on the SIM card, so you will have to copy them to your Google account to be able to transfer them to the other mobile. So if when checking, you notice that they are not synchronized, calm down, just follow these simple steps and that’s it.

  • Open the Google Play application on your device, click settings and then import to display another window with more options. If you have contacts on the SIM card, select it to import them to your Google account.
  • In the event that you have contacts in the internal memory of your ANDROID, you must click on contacts, then copy contact and select Google.

By performing these two simple steps, your contacts will already be synchronized with your Google account, therefore, when you place that account on your new cell phone, they will appear. If you look closely, the best thing about it is that, even if you lose your cell phone, your schedule will not be lost because it will always remain there.

When you start using your other mobile it will be enough to log in with your same account and your contacts will automatically appear, since the mobile phone is already configured for that. However, if this does not happen, you just have to enter settings, accounts, Google and activate the synchronization.

That way you will have the same contact on both phones and any changes you make to one will be reflected on the other.

sync gmail contacts

Import and export contacts from a new cell phone on Android using the SIM card

This is another way you can use to transfer your contacts from one cell phone to another. As you know, most of the people save their contacts in the internal memory of the phone, however, these contacts can be transferred to the SIM card.

Obviously, by doing so and using your SIM on any other device, you will have the contacts without any problem. To achieve this, follow these steps to the letter that we will mention below:

  • Enter the contacts option on your mobile and then select settings.
  • You will get some options and you must click on contacts.
  • Then select import / export and save contacts .
  • Several options will be displayed and you must press export to SIM card.
  • You will be able to select the contacts that you want to copy one by one, or you can simply add all of them and then OK.

In this way, all your contacts will be saved on the SIM card and when you place it in your new cell phone you will see them without problems. Something important that you should know is that, if at any time you want to transfer the contacts from the SIM card to the internal memory of the phone, it is just as simple.

You do the same procedure, except that instead of giving it export, you will give the option to import from the SIM card. That way your contacts will also be saved in the internal memory of your cell phone.

export contact book

How will you have realized the two options to transfer your contacts from one cell phone to another in ANDROID, they are very simple. It only remains for you to decide which option was the one that you liked the most and put it into practice.

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