How to put or insert a SIM card in a Samsung Galaxy A30, A40, A50

This series of Samsung Galaxy has excellent features that allow you to delete or remove Google account in Samsung series A, show the battery percentage , do a hard reset , among many more customizations.

In this article we will focus mainly on teaching you one of the most basic but often complex tasks. This is the procedure to insert a SIM card in a Samsung Galaxy A30, A40 and A50.

How to put or insert a SIM card in a Samsung Galaxy A30, A40, A50?

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The New Galaxy generation has brought with it a series of reforms in the configuration of the operating system of the devices as well as in their external design.

A few years ago, the SIM Card, which is responsible for assigning a mobile phone network to the cell phone when inserted, was located on the back of the device right in the middle of the screen and the battery. Currently the mobile device has an internal battery and the port for the SIM card. In addition, the external memory is located on the sides of the device.

Steps to insert SIM card in your A30, A40, A50

If you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy generation “A” either A30, A40 or A50 and you do not know how to insert your memory card or SIM card, you can do it through this process:

  • First you must verify that the size of the card is NanoSIM (that is, the smallest version), in addition to the well-known “Key” that comes with the cell phone to access the slots.

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  • If you do not have the key, you can use a basic paper clip, this is quite accessible and fulfills the same function.
  • Then, you should turn off the mobile device at the time of insertion, to avoid damage to the operating system or in case of an incident in the internal part of the slot.
  • Next you have to locate a tray with a small hole or slot on the left side of the device , this is where you must insert the key (or paper clip as the case may be) and apply light pressure inward.
  • Then the slot will be exposed and you just have to remove it, you will find in this three hollow insert figures. In them you must place the SIM card and the external storage card.

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  • Two SIM cards can be incorporated in this slot if you wish. If not, just add your SIM card, place the tray back in the slot and carefully push inward to snap it into place.
  • Finally, turn on the mobile device and enter your “Pin” or password to continue browsing your device as normal.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy A30, A40 and A50 generation.

The new generation Galaxy “A” has incorporated a versatile design in their mobile devices, which allow a more fluid handling of the equipment, some points to emphasize is the large screen that has a power of HD (high definition) resolution of about 6.4 inches.

Storage can vary in a memory of about 3 or 4 GB of RAM and about 32 or 64 GB of internal storage, I recommend you learn what RAM is and what it is for . In addition to a camera with a wide resolution power of about 16 mega pixels.

The external design of the equipment also has a slim and compact appearance with superior tactile response and navigation power on the device even faster than previous versions.

Samsung has also incorporated internal technology into the devices that make the slots protected from environmental agents.

The new Samsung Galaxy generation “A” is everything and more than what Samsung users ever dreamed of. A versatile fast compact smart mobile phone with exceptional functions.

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