How to move or transfer APK files from my PC to an Android cell phone

Do you have APK files downloaded to your PC and you don’t know how to transfer it to your Android cell phone? Would you like to know how to do it? Then stay and read this article where we will show various methods to achieve it. However, do you know what it is and how to open an Apk file on your Windows PC?

How to move or transfer APK files from my PC to an Android cell phone?

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As we told you before, there is not only one method to be able to do this type of procedure and below we will show you some that may be useful.

With USB cable

This method is the most used to access the files on your Smartphone from your computer. In order to use it, you need a good USB cable so that you can transfer your files without problems.

To carry out this method, you simply have to connect your Smartphone to the PC through this USB cable and choose the Transfer files option on your mobile . This will allow you to have access from your computer to the folders or files of your mobile so you can copy, move and paste your APK files in it.

If you are using the Windows operating system, then you can locate your Smartphone under the name of the device. When you do, you will have access to both the internal memory of your mobile and the micro SD card. In the same way you can connect a USB memory to a cell phone to transfer files.

Transferring files from Windows to mobile can usually be a bit slower, that is why we recommend that you transfer the files one by one if they are very heavy and thus avoid saturation.

Via Bluetooth

Well-known method but not widely used because it is a little slower than others, however it is always good to have more than one option at hand and the advantage is that if your PC has a Bluetooth connection, you will not need cables or applications to transfer your files. To achieve this, it is important that you learn to activate bluetooth if the icon does not appear in Windows 10 .

Doing this process is quite simple, you just have to activate both Bluetooth, pair them and accept the file that you will receive. If you want to send files from your Android, you must use the Android Share menu, of course, to do this it is necessary that your computer is already ready to receive the files.

In this case, you can do it by going to the Bluetooth icon and right-clicking on it and choosing the Receive File option. In case you want to send the files from your PC then choose the Send a file option and choose the device that will receive it.

Using AirDroid, PushBullet and similar applications

There are many applications like these that will allow you to transfer files from your Android to your computer. Although AirDroid is the best known and has a web version, you can also use PushBullet preferably in its paid version since the free version has some limitations.

These applications are available to be used on various devices since it does not focus on any specific one, but it is important that you download the application that you want to use on both mobile and PC.

How to transfer files with the official application?

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There are many official applications for mobile phones with the Android system that can also be used on your computer and companies continue to launch new applications.

The truth is that it is not so different from using a USB cable to transfer files, since to do this process it will be necessary that after you have installed the application you follow a series of steps so that you can connect both devices and have the device connected at the same time. cable.

Of course, all this will depend on the brand since this varies from one to another and normally they include an assistant to guide you step by step and you do not have any problem.

Through Telegram, WhatsApp and similar applications

Have you tried writing to yourself? Well, that’s what this method is about. You just have to use the messaging applications and from the PC send them to yourself.

A recommended alternative for this process is Telegram since it has an almost unlimited space in the cloud, what’s more, it has a section for you to talk to yourself Isn’t it incredible?

WhatsApp also allows you to write to yourself, however, unlike Telegram, it requires some additional steps that you must do in order to achieve this process.

On the other hand, if you have managed to install the APK, we are sure that as time passes, the App will need an update, so that you can update the applications installed with APK without Google Play .

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