How to make Anonymous or Loquendo voice on Android easily

Among the opportunities that some voice editing applications offer us is being able to use an Anonymous or Loquendo voice.

They are common voices in the YouTube video world , used when you don’t want to make your voice known. Also, if you don’t have a microphone to record, it is possible to use the Loquendo program to reproduce a text-based voice.

That is, you can write what you want to say and the Loquendo or Anonymous voice program will take care of saying it as it is written. This works the same way even if we want to modify the voice and apply effects in real time when sending audios and not force a voice that will sound strange to us.

You can easily learn here how to use the computerized voices of Anonymous and Loquendo from your own mobile phone device with Android operating system.

How to make Anonymous voice on Android

Doing the voice of Anonymous can be quite straightforward, or rather, a voice similar to that of Anonymous actually. Why do we say “similar”? Well, the truth is that the voice that the international hacking group Anonymous uses in its videos is its own.

transform voice into anonymous

To start you can go to the Play Store from your phone and look for an application that allows you to change the voice with special effects . Download it and learn how to use it, in reality they are usually very simple to use, not complicated at all, but effective.

They generally have a section in which you can activate your microphone and speak while the app will record you and then you can edit your audio.

After the complete recording of your words, the following section will open in which you will see all the possible effects. It should be noted that some will be blocked and can only be used with a payment. You can generally pay for the rest of the items through a Mastercard or Visa card.

You can look for a specific one that has a deep voice, similar enough to the voice of the group Anonymous to make it work. After this your audio will be saved and you will have the option to send it to a contact through WhatsApp with the option “Share” or “Share”.

While this solves how to send audios with a voice similar to that used by the Anonymous hacker group, there is still a need to learn how to use Loquendo’s voice.

How to make the voice of Loquendo on Android

Just as you can use applications to generate a voice similar to that of Anonymous, it is possible to use applications to convert text into Loquendo speech . Loquendo began to be used since 2001 with the rise and rise of videos with different themes on YouTube.

prerecorded voice of loquendo

With the help of this well-known voice program we can write texts of any length which will be reproduced with a re-recorded voice. The pre-recorded voice  will read the text as it is written, so accents and spelling are crucial if we want it to work bine.

There is a wide variety of applications for phones that emulate the voice of the Loquendo program, so you must find the one you like the most. When you find an ideal one, download it and learn how to use it, it is simple because they are very easy to use. Write your texts, convert them into Loquendo audios and send them to your WhatsApp contacts.

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