How to know if my Samsung Galaxy M30 has wireless battery charging or not

Today we are in a different era due to the great and constant technological advances that have emerged around the world, which have been able to achieve the creation of various tools and devices whose purpose is to solve several of the common problems that people have. , and that they are also capable of satisfying certain needs.

A clear example is smart mobile devices, which since their creation have been of great help to people and which until today have not stopped developing new updates with more functions in each of them.

One of the most notable is the innovative wireless charging introduced by Palm, Inc with its Palm Pre device and later also used by the large electronics company “Samsung” on its Samsung s6 Edge device in April 2015.

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What is wireless charging and how does it work?

In case you do not know what wireless charging is or how it works , it is a function that certain mobiles and certain chargers present where an electromagnetic field is generated where the charger acts as an energy emitter that by detecting the energy in the other extreme begins to transmit energy to it.

In this case, the telephone being the receiver of energy is the one that receives it, it should be noted that the electromagnetic field is generated between both instruments, both the charger that works as an emitter, and the device that works as a receiver.

Of course, what is expected in the future is that it is not necessary to put the phone near or on the charger so that it begins to regain its energy, but that such a charging function can simply be performed when entering a room determined where the charger that emits the energy capable of reaching the device is located.

This function is enabled in certain phones that have advanced technology in their operating system and software, which allows this charge to be carried out without the need for a power cable connected, but simply must be linked to a wireless charging charger and subsequent to This leaves the device at a distance of 40 millimeters near the charger so that it begins to charge its battery.

We know that it is needed to be able to start charging our device wirelessly, but now it is necessary to know if the device we currently have is compatible with this function. 

For this, you can apply the same method to find out if the device has fast charging activated and it is by consulting directly with the specifications of the equipment found in the box or on the official page of the product looking for its characteristics.

There is another method to know if our phone has these functions or not, which is through certain applications that you can find in the official Android store the Google Play Store, which will be able to accurately inform whether the device we have has or not the wireless charging function, one of the applications that serve that purpose is Wireless Charging Checker.

However, this question is very common especially in Samsung brand phones, which being a great variety of models tend to present that doubt in people, whether or not they have the wireless charging function, then we will explain How to know if your Samsung Galaxy M30 phone has wireless charging option or not.

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How to know if my Samsung Galaxy M30 has wireless battery charging or not

The Samsung Galaxy M30 is a device developed for Samsung’s mid-range, it has three cameras, a rear fingerprint reader, and with the option of facial unlocking, if you want to know whether or not your Samsung Galaxy M30 phone has the charging option or not. wireless.

In advance we inform you that unfortunately this device does not have wireless charging, in case you have another phone and you need to know if it has this function or not, you will simply have to check the specifications of the devices found in the box, or using the aforementioned application above on your device.

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