How to know if a Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30 and A50 cell phone is original, clone or replica

Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30 and A50 mobile devices

Samsung’s A-range has cheap phones with good features. Its popularity has led certain fraudulent companies to make cheap copies. Certainly, verifying if an iPhone is original or fake tends to make more sense, since piracy is well known in these mobiles. Even so, we recommend you read our guide to verify if your Samsung is original or fake if you still have doubts.

Know if a Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30 and A50 cell phone is an original or a replica

Samsung devices are very popular and it is not for less, they are usually devices with reasonable prices and good specifications. Certainly the simplest mobiles, that is, the A10 and A20 do not usually suffer from piracy. On the other hand, the higher-end ones do have this problem.

verify original samsung galaxy

Fortunately, there are several ways in which we can verify whether a Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30 and A50 mobile device is an original, a clone or a replica. To do this, take into account the following information.

Check the IMEI of the device

One way to verify that a mobile is completely legal is by observing its IMEI. It should be noted that knowing the IMEI you can verify if it is reported as stolen , but it also helps to see if the mobile is original or fake.

We will know if a mobile is false if the IMEI that appears represented on the box or on the device itself is the same as the one registered on the mobile. For this, check that both IMEIs are the same. To see the IMEI and other information of the mobile, read on.

Verify the information that appears on the back of the mobile

While distributions vary by nation, it is very common for Samsung A-range phones and many other Samsung devices to have some important information. Being more specific, you should be able to see the model, the place of manufacture and even the IMEI of the mobile.

You will only have to turn your device over, since this information is at the bottom and back of the cell phone. First of all, you should see the model, for example, the Samsung Galaxy a10 should appear as “Sm-a 105m”. In turn, the mobile will include information related to the charging voltage and amperage, you will find all this on the first line.

samsung galaxy fake clone

In the second line of the information the following message will appear “Designed and developed by Samsung made in Vietnam”. Certainly your device may have been made elsewhere, with the official manufacturing countries for Samsung being Brazil, South Korea, India and Indonesia, as well as Vietnam, of course, its main manufacturing location.

Finally you will find the information of the IMEI of the device followed by the serial number of the mobile. All this information is of vital relevance to verify if the device is true or false. The most common is that fake mobiles simply do not include this information. Finally, check that the IMEI on the back is the same as the software, this usually ensures that the mobile is original.

Sometimes it’s easy to see

Beyond the aforementioned, the quality of fake devices usually leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore, trust your criteria, if you see that the mobile looks too “cheap”, it may be false.

In turn, you can also turn to a friend or person who already has a Samsung Galaxy mobile. Do the comparison if you do not feel it is completely safe, anyway, checking the information on the back and the IMEI information usually helps.

Still, don’t be alarmed, coming across a fake cell phone is rare if you buy it in the right places. Therefore, just go ahead, buy it and insert a SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy A30, A40, A50 to start enjoying its benefits.

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