How to install the Android 10 style notification bar on any other mobile

Surely you have noticed how the arrival of Android 10 has revolutionized the market, this new Android update brings with it new and better news.

The deployment of its update is developed progressively, that means that many devices will take months to obtain the latest Android update , but among the first to have this update are the Pixel (devices of the same Google platform) among one of the great news that Android 10 brought with it is its notification bar.

This feature is now capable of providing better shortcuts and offering its user the availability of other tools through said bar, what if it taught you how to install this notification bar on another mobile? Would you like to know a little more? Then stay with us, as we will also show you other great news.

How to install the notification bar of Android 10?

As you know, for any solution there is an app and to be able to install the Android 10 style notification bar on any other mobile it also exists. In Google Play you will find infinities of options, such as activating notification bubbles for each Android application , but we will show you the two best ones, so pay close attention.

notifications bar android

Material Notification Shade

You will love this incredible option to install the Android 10 notification bar, it not only allows you to install the notification bar, it also gives you excellent features that you can enjoy, among them are:

  • It has original themes in which you can customize the colors and models.
  • It has the option to incorporate accurate notifications.
  • It has the quick response option which allows you to respond quickly and efficiently without entering the messaging applications.
  • You can group your notifications and avoid the wave of notifications.
  • It has a quick adjustment panel that allows you to change the image of your user and the icons of your notifications.
  • It does not change your system settings.

Not to mention that it offers all the tools of Android 10, just by installing the app and getting to know it, you will see the great benefits it can offer you.

Notification Toggle

Yes, with Notification Toggle you can install the notification bar that Android 10 has on your mobile, to do so you just have to download the app and search the options and adjust it as you like.

But that’s not all, with this incredible application you can create shortcuts of your favorite tools, just by selecting the desired tool you will create the shortcut and you will have any adjustment in relation to it at hand, incredible, don’t you think?

What’s new in Android 10

And it is that the incredible tools that Android 10 provides are amazing. But to show you a bit we have prepared a list where we will show you the most important news that Android 10 offers.

android phone configuration

  • It has subtitles in real time : By simply selecting the option, you will have the subtitles you want at your disposal in real time without having to be connected to the network, this is because Android 10 was able to incorporate Live Caption into its system, which subtitles quickly your videos, audios and podcast.
  • Smart replies: In addition to providing you with the suggested responses in your messages, Android 10 provides you with recommended actions which allow you to link your messages with other apps including Google Maps, if you happen to see someone, you will automatically have the location of your meeting.
  • It has a sound amplifier : This option is undoubtedly great, with it you can even increase the sound of your mobile, be able to filter noises so that you can hear your audios clearly.
  • New dark theme : This new Dark Android theme has incorporated to improve the user experience by providing greater comfort and at the same time conserve battery life much longer.
  • Improved gesture navigation : now with Android 10 you can enjoy intuitive, fast and fluid gestures that are sure to fascinate you.

There are still many more news in the new Android 10 system such as its excellent notification bar, its HD image viewer and more. We hope you have enjoyed the post and that now you can use the notification bar of Android 10 in a simple way, even if you want, you can activate and deactivate the notification bar .

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