How to have two WhatsApp accounts on my Android cell phone | Huawei twins app

Once the law is cheated, unlike other devices with Android or iOS operating systems, Huawei’s original launcher, EMUI 5.0 allows us to clone all the applications you have on your device, even WhatsApp.

What is a Huawei Twin App

Huawei’s twin app allows you to log into an app with two different accounts at the same time. When this feature is enabled, the twin apps are displayed on the main screen. Currently, third-party launchers do not support this feature.

To explain it in another way, the applications that clones will be stored in a different space, although when you update the original WhatsApp application, its twin application will also be updated.

Twin App is a function that is preset at the factory for Huawei Android devices and that only works correctly, using the original launcher, that is, EMUI 5.0 or higher.

twin whatsapp app

It is the only launcher at the moment that has this customization layer and creates virtual copies of the same application that has different configurations, because it creates them in a second space on the device.

How to create two accounts in WhatsApp on my Huawei

To be able to clone an application, you must start by enabling the “Twin App” function on your mobile device. To do this, start from the settings of your device. You can access it from the applications menu or from the shortcut you have on the main screen sliding your finger down.

Navigate the list of options in the settings menu and position yourself on Applications. In the section above, where you have the settings to customize them, click on “Twin App “. As you can see, to the right of this item you have the legend “Not enabled”.

This configuration is already preset at the factory in such a way that if you want to duplicate any app you must enable this section. When you enter this section, you will have a text explaining what the twin App is, and below the applications that support this function.

Once you have duplicated the applications, you must enter each of them and configure them as you did at the beginning when you installed the original app for the first time. The clone or twin applications will be stored in the application drawer , if you have one, or on the desktop.

To differentiate the original app from its clone, you will see that the one you have cloned has the number two below the original icon. In the case of applications such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, you must log in with a different account than the one you used in the original app.

Keep in mind that the clone apps work in the same way as the original ones, and in fact, your Android device will frequently ask you which of the two accounts you want to use before completing the action.

whatsapp app on huawei

Another important fact that you should keep in mind is that the twin applications do not usually work correctly with other launchers that are not the original ones from Huawei. For example, if you use Launcher for Android , when you try to open the twin app, it will keep opening the original app.

Now that you know how to have two WhatsApp accounts on your Huawei device, configure your device and make the most of it.

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